Hariri: US Sanctions Have Specific Approach, Sectarianism Affecting Waste Solutions


In light of reports about possible US sanctions on allies of Hizbullah, Prime Minister Saad Hariri said the US sanctions are “clear in their approach” and that Lebanon’s ties with the US treasury are “good.”

“I am not the one who sets the US sanctions and Washington is very clear in its approach,” said Hariri replying to reporters at Beirut airport shortly after landing in Beirut returning from the US.

Hariri also opened the second expansion phase at the terminal as soon as he arrived.

The PM expressed hope that no sanctions are imposed on Lebanese officials.

Reports emerged lately that the US could impose sanctions on Christian allies of Hizbullah in reported reference to the Free Patriotic Movement.

On concerns regarding an expected credit rating report about Lebanon, the PM said: “We have been working on this and we have done our duty significantly. The 2019 budget was good in numbers and we have to complete the 2020 budget before the constitutional deadlines which gives a good impression to the rating authorities.”

On the waste crisis and the foul odor emanating near the airport, Hariri angrily said: “You all know that the odor is the result of the Ghadir river not the Costa Brava landfill.”

He said Lebanon has a serious problem where sectarianism affects waste management solutions, “Muslim areas are not ready to receive trash from Christian area and vice versa,” he said.

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