LF MPs File Lawsuit over 'Theft' at Beirut Port


Lebanese Forces bloc MPs Ziad Hawat and Imad Wakim on Wednesday filed a lawsuit with the public prosecution over “theft operations targeting goods at Beirut’s port.”

The lawsuit says the incidents include “the theft of a van, which was taken from the port’s premises, according to a report aired by the MTV station on August 13, 2019.”

The two lawmakers called for “conducting the necessary investigations, suing those involved, arresting them and putting them on trial.”

The National News Agency said acting State Prosecutor Imad Qabalan has started looking into the suit ahead of referring it to the relevant authorities for preliminary investigations.

Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab has recently said that the van was not stolen from the port’s premises but rather from an adjacent parking.

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Thumb blablablablabla 21 August 2019, 14:46

LOL at LF justine that hidden in 1975-1976 all the goods and merchandises she stole from Beirut Port into SOSeash love tunnel along with Doodle Katioucha.

She is still digging to recover them.

Thumb justin 23 August 2019, 08:46

pathetic excuse for a human being

Thumb blablablablabla 23 August 2019, 18:59

Great, you are starting to recognise your own value.

Thumb lebanon_first 21 August 2019, 17:40

Useless lawsuits. Take a decade and get nothing. Our legal system is a shame.

Thumb galaxy 23 August 2019, 17:49

That is what the shia do: steal, deal in drugs and commit terror.