Khalil: We're Not a Bankrupt Country


Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil on Friday stressed that Lebanon is not a “bankrupt country,” hours before the release of a key financial report by the Standard and Poor’s international credit rating agency.

“We are not a bankrupt country and we have the ability to overcome difficulties and get out of our crises, regardless of rating headlines or foreign stances,” Khalil said at a financial seminar in Sidon.

“It is true that Lebanon is facing the junctures of the announcements of the credit rating agencies, but I can confirm that we possess the ability to overcome the crisis,” the minister added.

Media reports and a Lebanese official have said that Standard & Poor’s will not downgrade Lebanon’s rating and will keep it at its current level of B-.

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Thumb s.o.s 23 August 2019, 15:35

Not only you’re financially bankrupt, but you’re above all morally bankrupt.

Thumb doodle-dude 23 August 2019, 18:51

As long as Lebanon has blablablablablabla deep and wide luv tunnel it will be safe. Revenues generated from young and virile men penetrating his luv tunnel and depositing their lubricants are the main contributor to balancing the budget.

Thumb s.o.s 23 August 2019, 19:20

الله ينصر الدولة العادلة وإن كانت كافرة، ولا ينصر الدولة الظالمة وإن كانت مؤمنة

Thumb enterprise 24 August 2019, 03:44

What a sad empty life you have...