Israel Air Strikes on Syria Kill 'Two Hizbullah Fighters'


Israeli air strikes near the Syrian capital overnight killed two fighters of the Lebanese group Hizbullah, an Iranian combatant and two unidentified fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said Sunday.

The Observatory said the Israeli raids targeted "Iranian and Hizbullah posts" in the southeast of Damascus.

But a high-ranking official in Tehran denied Iranian positions had been hit.

"This is a lie and it is not true," Mohsen Rezaie, the secretary of the Expediency Council, told ILNA news agency

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Thumb galaxy 25 August 2019, 15:19

Well done and please do it again and again.

Thumb hakwaji 25 August 2019, 20:15

You talk too much

Thumb ice-man 25 August 2019, 20:47

How Sad......

Missing phillipo 25 August 2019, 21:58

And here was I believing every word that Nasrallah says about Hizballah being there to prevent Israel from attacking Lebanon.
But then he burst the belief bubble by admitting that his terrorists are being killed in Syria.

Thumb warrior 26 August 2019, 02:39

Good Riddance!