Choucair Says Hariri Won’t Let the Country 'Sink'


Prime Minister Saad Hariri is “a man who is as big as a nation” and he will not get entangled in “narrow politics,” a minister said on Sunday.

“He will certainly not stand idly by to watch the country sink,” Telecommunications Minister Mohammed Choucair said.

“Hariri will remain a spearhead in defending Lebanon and the interest of all Lebanese without exception,” he added.

“Today we are going through several crises, especially at the economic, financial and social levels, but we still have a lot of elements of strength to overcome them,” Choucair reassured.

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Thumb justice 08 September 2019, 14:16

His nose is so brown he needs a paint job.

Thumb doodle-dude 08 September 2019, 17:33

lol@the resilient shia western christian with triple nationality:)

Thumb eagledawn 08 September 2019, 19:37

Disrespectful speech or behavior shall not be tolerated.

Thumb lebanonforever 09 September 2019, 06:38

Because of Hariri's weak an desperation to deal with the devil, he is weak, the country is further sinking and stinking also..

Hariri has lost any credibility he had... he is a large part of Lebanons problems