Security Forces Scuffle with Sabaa Party Activists in Parliament


A scuffle erupted on Friday between the security forces and activists from the Sabaa party who stormed into the Parliament building in Nejmeh Square reportedly by force.

The protesters staged a sit-in inside the parliament hall demanding early parliament elections and the return of “looted” public funds.

Secretary-General of the Sabaa Party Ghada Eid said the group had permission in writing to enter the premises and that the parliament police arrested them after that, inside the parliament hall.

Eid is a Lebanese TV presenter famous for tackling governmental corruption in her TV shows.

Another group of Sabaa activists staged a sit-in outside the building of the Ministry of Telecommunications in Downtown Beirut demanding bill payments be made in Lebanese pounds instead of dollars.

The party later made a statement announcing the launch of a national "civil resistance" campaign against "corruption and looting" of public funds, vowing escalatory popular moves.

Hundreds of Lebanese civil society activists and others protested last week over the economic crisis, blaming their leaders for decades of mismanagement and corruption that led to an economic crisis in Lebanon.

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