Denmark to Strip Jihadists of Nationality amid Fear of Returns


Denmark said Monday it planned to strip dual-national suspected jihadists of citizenship to stop them from returning to Danish soil, as Turkey's deadly offensive in Syria sends IS members fleeing.

"These people turned their backs on Denmark and used violence to fight against our democracy and freedoms. They constitute a threat to our security. They are undesirable in Denmark," Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said in a statement.

The Social Democratic government's initiative, which is backed by a majority of parties in parliament, would involve stripping the citizenship of dual nationals while they are abroad, with only an expedited administrative decision.

Until now, a court ruling was needed.

"There is a risk that the Kurdish-controlled IS camps in the border region collapse, and that foreign fighters with Danish citizenship make their way to Denmark," Frederiksen said.

The expedited bill will be considered by parliament in the coming weeks and could be adopted within a month. 

In early September, Denmark's justice minister said there were 36 jihadists who had travelled from Denmark to fight in the region.

Among them, 10 had their residency permits withdrawn and 12 had been jailed.

In March, under the previous government, Denmark adopted a law depriving children born abroad to Danish jihadists the right to citizenship.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 14 October 2019, 21:08

The government also plans to strip Danish citizenship from those residents of Denmark suspected of having Swedish, Norwegian, or Icelandic blood. Denmark's Ministry of Racial Purity has determined that no more than .065% of a person's blood can be non-Danish. Unfortunately, the Ministry's planned blood-testing campaign has foundered due to lack of funds. So the government will go ahead on the basis of what it calls "substantial allegations" of foreign blood.