Geagea Urges Hariri to Resign, Calls on LF to Join Protests


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Friday called on Prime Minister Saad Hariri to announce the government’s resignation, amid some of the biggest protests that the country has witnessed in years.

“I address a sincere call to PM Saad Hariri for the resignation of this government in light of its catastrophic failure in stopping the deterioration of the economic and living situations in the country which has plunged us into the current state,” Geagea said in a statement.

“I know the size of the efforts that PM Hariri exerted to address the situation, but the ministerial majority, unfortunately, was in another place,” Geagea added.

“The best that PM Hariri can offer in these critical and difficult moments is submitting the resignation of this government to pave the way for the formation of another totally different and new government that can lead the process of the desired economic rise in the country,” the LF leader went on to say.

Geagea later called on all LF members and supporters to "take part in the ongoing popular protests according to the approach and atmosphere of these protests, which means without party slogans or flags."

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Thumb s.o.s 18 October 2019, 12:41

You, Mr Geagea, and your civil war companions should have had the decency to retire a long time ago, yet you, Jumblatt, Berri, Nasrallah, Aoun, and the others stirred the country towards the abysses. You simply couldn't let go of power... and look at where we are today. All elections were rigged to keep your parties reelected indefinitely. This isn't democracy!

Thumb lebanonforever 18 October 2019, 13:23

Geagea is not like the rest you mentioned and although not without some historical mistakes, the LF remain Lebanese above all and poorer due to their more honest ways in a failed system, state and corrupt ridden Gov't

Thumb s.o.s 18 October 2019, 14:22

Still, all participants in the civil war should have kept a low profile afterwards.

Lebanon needed its own Nuremberg trials and should have dealt with Berri, Aoun, Nasrallah etc and their lieutenants.

Thumb canadianleb 18 October 2019, 16:26

You all need to stop saying this guy is better than that guy etc.. they are ALL thieves and they ALL have blood on their hands

Thumb whyaskwhy 18 October 2019, 21:58

The youth here are quick to single out people Canleb, its not that that they lack vision and or do not recognise that the rest are not much better but more or less a sign of how frustrated they are. The country suffers from every single aspect of life that includes the social, religious, bigamous, hypocritical and financial corrupt forms all that makeup the individual Lebanese leader. So we should not be blind to their lack of vision but instead accept that the future we saw going forward they do not have.

Missing rabiosa 18 October 2019, 17:31

As I've been saying, I hope they do not get a single penny from CEDRE as no reforms has been made. yet they keep on adding taxes here and there. Only thing left t is tax the air people breathe.

Let the system completely collapse, and the fundamental change from the ground up.

This is a dead republic as it currently stands. Nothing will save it.

Thumb thepatriot 18 October 2019, 18:32

Lebforever... yes... this was my position until the day he made peace with Aoun.
This was unacceptable.
You can’t say yes to the Devil!

To me... They can all go to hell now!

Thumb s.o.s 19 October 2019, 00:31

It was a great disappointment... a huge one just like when Saad joined the people who murdered his father. Unforgivable!