Financial Prosecutor Sues ex-Minister Shukur over Professional Negligence


Financial Prosecutor Ali Ibrahim on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against former minister Fayez Shukur over “professional negligence at the National Social Security Fund,” the National News Agency said.

“He has referred the file to Beirut’s first examining magistrate,” NNA added.

Shukur, who belongs to the Arab Socialist Baath Party in Lebanon, had served as state minister in the 1995-1996 government of Rafik Hariri.

Media reports said Ibrahim is prosecuting Shukur over a lawsuit filed in July by a group of lawyers calling themselves Mottahidoun (United).

The lawsuit accuses Shukur of receiving hefty compensations from the National Social Security Fund over “fake jobs.”

“The issue sparked a major scandal at the time, seeing as Shukur had been listed as observing physician at the fund for more than 15 years although he never practiced this job and was never seen by any of the fund’s employees,” the reports said.

Ibrahim had on Monday filed a lawsuit against the state-run Council for Development and Construction and several private companies on charges of wasting public funds in connection with the Brissa Dam project.

LBCI television said several corruption-related files would be tackled after Monday’s move.

The TV network said the files pertain to the telecom sector, illegal phone services, customs and cases related to the state’s finances.

The lawsuits come amid unprecedented, nationwide and cross-sectarian protests that have gripped Lebanon since October 17, demanding a complete overhaul of a political system deemed inefficient and corrupt.

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Thumb ex-fpm 05 November 2019, 18:03

Why start from 1995? How about the FPM minister who took $1.5 billion in 2013 to fix the electricity problem and promised the Lebanese people 24/7 supply by 2015.

Thumb doodle-dude 06 November 2019, 00:57

lol @ the shia 'Christian' of European parents from Dahieh with a deep and wide luv tunnel that is open for penetration by the public year-round.