Aoun Discusses Lebanon Developments with EU Ambassador


President Michel Aoun held talks with Ambassador of the European Union to Lebanon, Ralph Tarraf where talks highlighted the EU’s position from the developments in Lebanon and the issue of thousands of Syrian refugees.

On the governmental developments following PM Saad Hariri’s resignation, Aoun told Tarraf that “deputies will begin to study reform laws, and that the upcoming government will implement the economic plan of the outgoing government.”

On the Syrian refugees, Aoun said their “repatriation from Lebanon is going in batches. The number of returnees reached 390,000 displaced people.”

Moreover, Aoun said he was “surprised” at the EU’s statement regarding the integration of displaced people in host communities.

In a tweet, Tarraf said he held "good, intense discussion with President Aoun on the political and economic situation in the country and the need to find sustainable answers to the current challenges Lebanon is facing," adding that the EU "remains ready to support."

"The EU wants to see the conditions in place that would allow the Syrian refugees to go back to their country. The EU has never advocated for a settlement or integration of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. We agree that their stay should be temporary," he added.

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Thumb farsical.resistance 08 November 2019, 17:18

Does the senile demented army deserter think he's fooling them or anyone else with this bull? French CEDRE envoy Pierre Duquesne said after he met the Lebanese officials last September, they lied through their teeth and they thought they were fooling me. And why hasn't the self styled strong president called for the consultations for a new PM. Is he waiting for hassan to give him the signal or maybe the name of the hand picked appointee like he did with Mikati in 2011?

Thumb whyaskwhy 08 November 2019, 17:40

His update about Lebanons development should take about 30 seconds...if they keep him awake long enough for his speech.