Students in Tyre Join Pupils Demos for First Time


Hundreds of students in the southern city of Tyre joined for the first time on Saturday the masses of fellow students in different parts of Lebanon boosting the country’s anti-government protest movement.

Tyre students chanted “revolution, revolution,” expressing anger of an increasing rate in “unemployment,” and demanding “new curricula and social rights.”

Since Wednesday, university and high school students across the country have massively deserted their classrooms to join nationwide streets protests.

Earlier in October, pro-AMAL gunmen suppressed by force the protesters chanting slogans opposed to AMAL Movement leader and Speaker Nabih Berri. Armed clashes were reported as videos of the clashes went viral on social media.

Thousands of high school students across Lebanon skipped classes Saturday for a fourth day in a row to carry on the flame of the country's anti-graft movement.

Lebanon has since October 17 been gripped by massive cross-sectarian protests demanding a complete revamping of a political system they say is corrupt and inept.

With youth unemployment running at over 30 percent, school students have joined en masse since Wednesday demanding a better country so they don't have to emigrate.

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