Al-Rahi Says Lebanese Must Not Wait for 'Solutions from Abroad'


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi said Tuesday that the Lebanese should decide what they want instead of “waiting for solutions from abroad which might never come.”

Urging officials to “put aside their personal and partisan interests and put the public interest ahead of anything else,” al-Rahi also called on them to “liberate themselves from the regional and international tug of war.”

“We urge the Lebanese not to be in the grip of any country and to get out of this international standoff… They should not wait for the countries’ interests… We are the ones who should decide what we want and we should not wait for solutions from abroad which might never come,” the patriarch added.

“We have the best sign to find the solutions. The solution is the honest popular and youth protest movement,” al-Rahi said.

The patriarch’s remarks came shortly after a French presidential envoy arrived in Lebanon for talks on the country’s political and economic crisis.

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Thumb farsical.resistance 12 November 2019, 19:19

"Al-Rahi Says Lebanese Must Not Wait for solutions from a broad"
Well monsignor it depends who the broad is, know what I mean.

Thumb canadianleb 12 November 2019, 20:09

Well you need to decide are you a man of the Church or are you a politician. Either way you need to stay out of politics and keep your opinion to yourself. We are in this mess because of religious leaders such as yourself and others...

Thumb s.o.s 13 November 2019, 00:36

CL, just like Hassan, Beshara is an unelected politician... too afraid of losing to others in democratic elections.

Missing samiam 12 November 2019, 21:55

I don't have an issue with what he or qabbani said--meet the demands of the people, solution in Lebanon, blah blah, but their shia counterpart went off talking about the 'resistance', zionism and a whole lot of things which are only said by the mullahs of iran.