Aoun Says Govt. Talks Made Major Progress, Protesters Demands to be Addressed


President Michel Aoun on Thursday said contacts to form a new government have made major progress, hoping the cabinet will be formed “over the coming days should the obstacles be eliminated.”

The president also noted that protesters’ demands “will be followed up and will be the top priority of the new government.”

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Thumb gebran_sons 14 November 2019, 16:19

Yes Mr. president of Hizbollastan! TV networks should spend more time covering what is happening in Iraq and soon in Iran as this will determine course of demonstration in Lebanon. The day a radical criminal militia funded by a radical criminal regime and aligned with another radical criminal regime is over! From his interview, Aoun seems to be the last to know of what is going on... not surprising as he never had a grasp of reality, lost in his self-aggrandizement!

Thumb gebran_sons 14 November 2019, 16:26

Nor realizing his presidential tenure is the worst ever for Lebanon. His Faustian deal to sell Lebanon's freedom, democracy, independence and prosperity to HizbIran for political gain will forever be the darkest period in Lebanon's history! He fundamentally weaken democracy and the rule of law which are the only real guardians for the Christian community. Time for him to resign if he has any honor left!

Missing samiam 14 November 2019, 16:20

He didn't know what the demands were yesterday. I have a feeling the protests will get bigger when he presents his 'cabinet'.

Thumb s.o.s 14 November 2019, 16:43

Ben Ali dégage. ✓
Khadhafi dégage. ✓
Moubarak dégage. ✓
Bouteflika dégage. ✓
Aoun dégage. Work in Progress

Thumb janoubi 14 November 2019, 16:55

"The cabinet will be formed “over the coming days"

Isn't that part of the Prime Minister designate's job???!!!

Thumb lebanonforever 15 November 2019, 00:10

Oh please Michel.. stop your lies