Reports: Hariri Agrees with Hizbullah, FPM, AMAL on Naming Mohammed Safadi as PM


Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri has agreed with Hizbullah, the AMAL Movement and the Free Patriotic Movement on nominating ex-finance minister and businessman Mohammed Safadi for the premiership, several Lebanese TV networks reported late on Thursday.

The reports emerged after a Center House meeting between Hariri and the political aides of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Speaker Nabih Berri.

Center House sources meanwhile told the Hariri-affiliated Mustaqbal Web news portal that the discussions tackled consensus on Safadi's nomination but not the shape of the new government or al-Mustaqbal Movement's participation in it.

Social media activists meanwhile erupted in anger over the news as a protest got underway outside Safadi's house in Tripoli.

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Thumb lebanonforever 15 November 2019, 00:16

what are we on now... repeat??

Same guys having turns??

Really, how insulting!!!!

The people are asking to elect their own.. not for the corrupts to do it and insult with old names with repeat habits that will be "yes men"..

Enough of the... the army and general security, police etc officers on the ground need to know start rejecting orders and turn their back on their seniors and stand with the people... enough of this merry-go-round crap

Thumb gebran_sons 15 November 2019, 00:19

Saad Hariri had a chance to stand for Lebanon, for freedom and independence, for the legacy of his family.... and he failed miserably!

Thumb lebnanfirst 15 November 2019, 02:07

Agree completely. Having resigned ostensibly in step with people's demands, there is no need for him to agree to such a choice especially as he could have counted on the Lebanese to back him up.

This is a no go choice and the people know it.

First Aoum and his condescending remarks, then this! How stupid do they believe us to be...

Thumb s.o.s 15 November 2019, 00:29

A Syrian stooge, lovely !

The revolt is gonna have to step it up, the ruling class is laughing at us.

Thumb enterprise 15 November 2019, 01:05

Hariri Agrees with Hizbullah, FPM, AMAL on Naming Mohammed Safadi as PM

and what a choice!!!!!

Thumb thepatriot 15 November 2019, 01:12

They don’t get it... they just don’t get it!

Can they be this stupid to bring up a 75 years old figure of the past, a figure which is controversial, a figure that already had a portfolio in a corrupted government !?

Thumb warrior 15 November 2019, 01:50

Another corrupt so-called businessman who made his money through shady deals and corruption


The Guardian reported that Safadi involved in Al Yamama arms deal through an anonymous offshore company, Poseidon.[26] The company was allegedly used to transfer money to Safadi, who was working for Prince Turki bin Nasser, Saudi royal and an air force officer at that time.[26]
He broke with his March 14 allies and sided with the Hezbollah-led March 8 coalition along with Mikati.[17]

Missing fuzzyd72 15 November 2019, 07:00

Thanks for the info, warrior. Honestly, how do they expect to win our trust???

Missing lebcan 15 November 2019, 04:44

The only solution now is the ISF and The Army siding with the people, rejecting orders and protecting the people from the thugs that will follow. God these politicians are really stupid!!!
REVOLUTION. France! F off ...go deal with the yellow vests. You too iran!

Thumb thepatriot 15 November 2019, 10:03

I fully agree lebcan!

Missing samiam 15 November 2019, 05:44

The cabinet is going to be made of the same rotating crew of thieves and misfits---this cabinet will never pass.