Aoun Vows to Eradicate 'Malicious Germ of Corruption'


President Michel Aoun on Monday pledged to eradicate what he called “the malicious germ of corruption,” in a tweet marking the International Anti-Corruption Day.

“We will continue to work with all our effort and energy to eradicate the malicious germ of corruption which has infiltrated the country’s health and institutions as well as the mentalities of a lot of individuals,” Aoun tweeted.

He also called for turning integrity into “an approach, culture and lifestyle.”

Aoun’s remarks come amid an unprecedented popular uprising against corruption in the country.

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Missing cedars 09 December 2019, 13:47

Explain to us please your plan on how to do that?

Missing samiam 09 December 2019, 17:51

He like talking about it---where has the corruption issue been the few years in office?

Thumb eagledawn 09 December 2019, 13:53

الله يحميه
بي الكل

A fearless man - A real leader - A true statesman.

Thumb galaxy 09 December 2019, 13:55

He also called for turning integrity into “an approach, culture and lifestyle.”


Thumb Puppet 09 December 2019, 13:57

General Aoun who is now President and a Shia Imam has earned my utmost respect and captured my wildest imagination for vowing to Eradicate 'Malicious Germ of Corruption' in his family and political party.

Thumb thepatriot 09 December 2019, 14:01

He said the same during the Presidential campaign. Three years later... it is all worse by very, very, very far...and the guy keeps singing that same tune... Amazing!

Thumb s.o.s 09 December 2019, 14:20

Is he going to eutanasiate himself and his entire family?

Thumb Geralt 09 December 2019, 14:55

De l’euthanasie à l’État Nazi, l’histoire d’un General et de son nabot…

Missing soldier79 09 December 2019, 15:56

Ah great! You're going to finally commit suicide?

Thumb s.o.s 09 December 2019, 16:08

He’s too coward for that.

Thumb natour 09 December 2019, 20:00

Nicolas Tueni this president's own anti-corruption minister looked for corruption for two years yet he could not find any. The fact that Nicolas Tueni was being payed a minster's wage for two year for doing nothing is the epitome of the malicious germ of corruption.

Thumb beiruti 09 December 2019, 21:33

Yes, as he demands that his son in law be a part of the new government demanded by the anti-corruption protests. Since when has Bassil - Bassil = Bassil?