Al-Hassan Says 'Infiltrators' behind New Clashes, Urges Protesters to Leave


Caretaker Interior Minister Raya al-Hassan on Sunday blamed “infiltrators” for Sunday’s clashes in central Beirut, urging “peaceful protesters” to leave the area.

In remarks to MTV, al-Hassan also expressed concern that the violence could be part of a “plot” to obstruct parliamentary consultations to a pick a new premier scheduled for Monday.

She also said the “infiltrators” came from several areas.

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Thumb s.o.s 16 December 2019, 00:59

The evil ruling class solved our problems ! I mean why didn’t I think of it myself, it’s just too clever !

I saw videos of the police forces moving a barrier to let in the masked Amal-Hizbala thugs . The videos speaks for themselves.

Would it be a stretch to assume they’re all coordinated ? The cops were talking and walkies as seen on the videos.

The first thing the interior minister must do is to dismantle the parliament police force and merge them with the ISF.

Thumb warrior 16 December 2019, 03:06

بالفيديو: مناصرو حركة أمل وحزب الله على أوتوستراد المطار

Thumb tric.portugal 16 December 2019, 04:01

in the cristhmas time...chaos in Lebanon !!!???

Missing cedars 17 December 2019, 04:53

Your Shia Iranian employed farm boys are causing chaos as usual.

Missing cedars 17 December 2019, 04:55

Any chance you can catch those infiltrators and expose them on TV?