Shiite Cleric Lashes Out at Hizbullah, AMAL Movement


Prominent Shiite cleric Ali al-Amin lashed out at Hizbullah on Wednesday after the latter’s accusations that he is “normalizing ties with Israel.”

“Treason campaigns against me by Hizbullah are not something new and are due to my rejection of the Iranian project they carry to Lebanon and the region,” said al-Amin in a press conference.

Hizbullah denounced the participation of Amin in a religious forum in Bahrain attended by “Zionist figures” and accused him of “normalizing” ties with Israel.

Amin said: “My disagreement with Hizbullah and AMAL (movement) is not new, and I will remain supportive of the Lebanese people's uprising.”

He accused the party and the “mother Shiite institution” in Lebanon of launching “treason campaigns and fabrications.”

On his participation in the Bahrain forum that allowed the participation of Israel, he said: “I took part in the forum without knowing the participants’ names,” noting it was also attended by Lebanon’s ambassador to Bahrain.

“I will remain opposed to Hizbullah’s policy of oppression and domination. The Shiite duo’s policy only brings harm upon the Shiite community,” he concluded.

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Thumb s.o.s 18 December 2019, 15:49

What Amal or Hizbala believe doesn’t matter, each individual has a conscience, if one’s conscience dictates him to talk to Israel or anyone then so be it.

Politicians break the laws every single day yet they aren’t held accountable, especially Hizbala terrorists and Amal petty criminals.

Thumb the-truth 18 December 2019, 16:43

May God protect this man. I would not be surprised if Nasrallah tries to kill him.

Thumb Mystic 18 December 2019, 22:02

Prominent Shiite cleric, what a joke.
He smears his own people for dollars from America and Saudi.
Then he can have people like you giving him applause, not even his family will speak to him.

Just another Okab Saqr.

Thumb lebnanfirst 18 December 2019, 19:46

Wake up and smell the roses dude.

We Lebanese are NOT responsible for fighting Israel, heck even the Palestinians can't agree among themselves to save their asses.

Enough with the bull crap and we want nothing to do with Iranian theocratic philosophy that has brought nothing but disaster to our country.

You believe the crap you are writing, then go live in Iran and leave us alone, we want no part of it.

Thumb Mystic 18 December 2019, 21:59

lebnanfirst, Israel is the official enemy of Lebanon rather you like it or not.
Any words out of you that favors Israel is treason and that also count for An Nahar newspaper as a whole.

Missing bigjohn 18 December 2019, 22:01

I am NOT talking about "fighting Israel". The Lebanese people and the ALL natives in the middle east will NOT be enslaved and dictated by the Israeli lobby in Washington and their collaborators. That is a fact and it has NOTHING to do with Iran.

Thumb Mystic 18 December 2019, 22:03

It is funny how people seem to ignore the fact that Israel bombed Lebanon to hell several times, but just because their houses remained intact, they don't complain. Weaklings and jew worshippers.

Missing samiam 19 December 2019, 08:58

And you seem to forget about things like May 2008 and assassinations carried out by kizb and their sponsors. IMO, there is no difference between Israel, Syria and Iran---they are all either the former or current occupiers of Lebanon. Kizb is under the control of Iran as their proxy not by the Lebanese government as they would have you believe.

So explain to me the difference between kizb and the SLA again? And NO, Iran is not a friendly country.

Missing lebonknees4peace 19 December 2019, 00:41

The only threats to Lebanese peace are militias still holding weapons against the will of the Lebanese people.