Raad Warns 'Strong' Parties to Control Lebanon if Chaos Prevails


The head of Hizbullah’s parliamentary bloc MP Mohammed Raad warned Sunday that the “strong” parties would control the country should chaos prevail.

“Some want to implicate the Resistance is something it does not want, but it wants to practice a positive role so that the country does not collapse over the heads of everyone,” Raad said.

“Those who want to be afraid must be afraid of the failure to form a government, because this would lead to chaos, and when the country descends into chaos, the strong parties will control it,” he warned.

“We are trying to repair the falling wall but there are individuals who are still pushing this wall so that it falls, and this is our story with the government that is being formed,” Raad went on to say.

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Thumb justin 29 December 2019, 16:31

Raad Warns 'Strong' Parties to Control Lebanon if Chaos Prevails

Does he consider his party a 'Strong' party?

Veiled but obvious threat!

Thumb canadianleb 29 December 2019, 16:40

This is nothing more than threat. Basically he is saying "it is our way or no way at all". What he fails to understand the Shia community is no longer following him or his party blindly.

Missing un520 29 December 2019, 18:27

"The country will collaps over the your head" The last one to hear that threat was Rafik Hariri the last time he visited Damascus....

Missing un520 29 December 2019, 20:57

"Ordnung muss sein" ?

Thumb canadianleb 29 December 2019, 21:21

Hizballah is part of the government and they did nothing to stop the stealing, they joined in. So please stop pointing fingers your leadership is just as guilty as the ones who stole.

Thumb Mystic 29 December 2019, 23:02

So Hezbollah should go raid Amin Gemayel house and Geagea and Seniora Hariri and all the other march 14 politicians? What do you think that would achieve other than more chaos.

Missing cedars 29 December 2019, 23:51

Mar 14 will send you back to Iran the same way they sent the Syrian boots back home.

Any 10 years old understands that The terrorist minority that via terrorism and assisinations gained more seats in the parliament is trying to impose hegemony of the new government but you will fail when the roads are blocked by millions and millions of people.

Thumb lebanonforever 30 December 2019, 12:32

so sad how naharnet keeps deleting credible comments

Missing gittany 30 December 2019, 12:34

hiziballah from day one they are the problem in lebanon they are the lebanese cancer on its population