Qassem Says Hizbullah against Rioting, Urges Parties to Sacrifice Shares


Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem on Monday said that his party is against “rioting,” in the wake of a week that witnessed several violent demos and acts of vandalism against many banks.

“This is rioting that we do not accept and it will only lead to further deterioration in the country, that’s why we must all press and contribute to breaking the government deadlock,” Qassem said.

Calling on the parties forming the new government to “offer sacrifices and shun shares and ministerial seats,” Qassem stressed that Hizbullah “cannot form the government on its own.”

“We are a part and it is necessary to convince the other parts and cooperate with the various blocs,” he added.

Qassem, however, pledged that Hizbullah would continue to “exert all possible effort to secure the government’s formation as soon as possible so that we don’t reach further financial, economic and social deterioration.”

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