Diab Chairs First Panel Meeting to Draft Policy Statement


Prime Minister Hassan Diab chaired the first meeting of a panel tasked with drafting a new ministerial statement at the Grand Serail, the National News Agency reported Friday.

“The PM noted that the Lebanese are waiting for (government) action and results. He said the policy statement must be clear and specific without insinuating everything is going well,” in Lebanon, Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad told reporters in her first statement as minister after the meeting.

The committee is headed by Diab and comprises the deputy PM and the ministers of finance, foreign affairs, justice, economy and trade, environment and administrative development, information, youth and sport, telecom, industry, and social affairs, and the secretary general of the council of ministers and director general of the presidential palace, said NNA.

The committee met again after Friday prayers and is scheduled to meet again on Saturday and Sunday.

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Thumb justice 24 January 2020, 14:30

افتتح التداول بسعر صرف الدولار، صباح اليوم الجمعة لدى عدد من الصرافين، ما بين 2100 – 2200 ل.ل للدولار الواحد.

ويعتبر بعض الخبراء الاقتصاديين والماليين، ألا شيء تغيّر على المستوى المالي أو النقدي أو الاقتصادي، بما يسمح بتثبيت سعر الدولار عند حدود 2000 ليرة.

Thumb whyaskwhy 25 January 2020, 00:49

Great statements are what are going to feed the Lebanese across the baord and will allow us to enjoy a much better life. I cannot wait to see another statement resolve all our corruption and moral issues....