Hasan: 27 Have So Far Tested Negative for Coronavirus


Health Minister Hamad Hasan announced Sunday that 27 people in Lebanon have tested negative for the novel coronavirus, three days after he announced the country’s first case of the disease.

“The health ministry is continuing its efforts to quickly identify any case showing the symptoms of coronavirus among the ranks of citizens coming from abroad,” Hasan told the National News Agency.

He added that at the request of the examining team, an equipped Lebanese Red Cross ambulance has transferred the citizen A.B. from the city of Baalbek to the Rafik Hariri University Hospital in Beirut to conduct lab tests as a precautionary measure. “He was among the passengers of the plane in which Lebanon’s first coronavirus infection was detected,” the minister said.

Hasan had confirmed Lebanon’s first case of the novel coronavirus on Friday, adding that two other suspected cases were being investigated.

The COVID-19 virus was found in a 45-year-old Lebanese woman who had traveled from Qom in Iran, he said.

The COVID-19 outbreak first appeared in Iran on Wednesday.

Thousands of Lebanese travel to Iran every year to visit Shiite holy sites in Qom and other cities.

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Thumb s.o.s 23 February 2020, 19:18

How many passengers were on the plane? Only 27? What about her family? This incompetent imposter is feeding us BS.