Berri Tells IMF Team Lebanon Committed to Reforms


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Sunday told an International Monetary Fund delegation that Lebanon is “keen on being committed to the required drastic reforms on all levels to guarantee the success of the reform process and regain confidence in Lebanon.”

The National News Agency said the meeting involved “a lengthy and detailed discussion of the financial and economic situations” as Berri described the talks as “good.”

The meeting was also attended by Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni and Berri’s adviser Ali Hamdan.

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Missing samiam 23 February 2020, 17:54


No way he wants any serious reforms---it cuts down on how much money he makes. How about getting his Council of the South audited by an ouside agency and figure out where that money goes.

Missing rabiosa 23 February 2020, 18:17

Want reform? Start by stepping down from your post you've held for 30 years that no one dare challenge you. That's a reform. Dismantle majles al janoob, males al enma was e3amr, let go of al the no qualified goons you employed at EDL, then we'll see what happens.

Missing peace 23 February 2020, 20:59

talking and talking does not cost anything, but really acting would cost him everything....