U.S. Ambassador Says ‘Lebanon is at Turning Point’


U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard said in her farewell remarks on Wednesday after meeting President Michel Aoun that Lebanon is at a “turning point and is capable of making a change.”

“Lebanon is at a turning point. In October citizens from all sects and all geographic regions went to the streets to demand better from their government, and they are right. There is no reason why a country this blessed with so many gifts including credible human resources still does not have in 2020 a modern waste management system, 27/7 electricity for everyone and a single armed force under the control of the state,” said Richard in remarks to reporters after meeting Aoun at Baabda Palace.

“This is the time for all Lebanese to address the issues of governance and economy headon. Difficult decisions must be made. It is a historic opportunity for the Lebanese people to turn a page,” she added.

Richard thanked the Lebanese for their “kindness, hospitality and the warmth they have shown for me in the three and a half years during my presence in Lebanon.”

The American ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea, was confirmed to replace Richard at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut after being nominated by U.S. President

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Thumb chrisrushlau 26 February 2020, 21:13

She particularly enjoyed during her stay in Geneva with frequent phone calls to persons near Lebanon that Lebanon observes a twenty-seven hour day. "This demonstrates your non-Shia population's dedication and hard work ethic," said the former fashion model turned media mogul.
Her successor apologized for her, the predecessor's, use of the phrase "all sects". Shea noted that discussion of "sects" is highly problematic in a nation where such matters are generally reserved for private conversations, not to say puritanical.