Hasan Says Coronavirus Situation Acceptable but Urges Continued Battle


Health Minister Hamad Hasan on Wednesday said Lebanon’s coronavirus situation is acceptable at the moment but urged caution and a continued battle against the pandemic.

“Our statistics until today are good but I have always said that the situation remains risky,” Hasan said at a press conference.

“Community spread is still weak, but this does not mean that anyone should exploit this issue,” the minister warned.

“Despite some flaws in society’s discipline, the numbers of cases started decreasing over the past two weeks and this is a good thing,” Hasan added.

Turning to the government’s plan to evacuate Lebanese expats seeking to return home, the minister said “a new stage and a new challenge will begin on Sunday.”

“We must abide by the plan laid out by Cabinet and all ministries must shoulder their responsibilities,” he urged.

“The death rate in Lebanon has reached 3% and this number is acceptable,” Hasan went on to say, noting that “we can win the battle through our modest capabilities, strong resolve and limitless determination.”

Lebanon has so far confirmed 479 coronavirus cases among then 14 deaths and 43 recoveries.

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Missing peace 01 April 2020, 22:14

how many deaths are hidden from public knowledge?

Thumb chrisrushlau 03 April 2020, 02:43

You'd have to do an autopsy to determine cause of death.