Aoun Urges Organized Repatriation of Lebanese


President Michel Aoun said on Thursday the repatriation of Lebanese nationals from abroad requires "careful planning to ensure the safety of returnees and their surroundings alike," in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Repatriation of Lebanese from abroad requires careful planning because an increase in numbers imposes exceptional measures to ensure the safety of returnees and their surroundings,” said Aoun at the beginning of a Cabinet meeting held at Baabda Palace.

The President also stressed the "need to accelerate the completion of the financial economic plan despite the new and crucial health situation worldwide."

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Thumb eagledawn 02 April 2020, 16:48

“بتبقى انت الحلم، والحلم ما بيشيخ
الله يحميك
بي الكل

A fearless man - A real leader - A true statesman.

Thumb justice 02 April 2020, 18:37

Allah Yeikhdo

Thumb canadianleb 02 April 2020, 23:44

Allah doesn't want him because if he takes him and want God's Chair :-)

Thumb skeletor 02 April 2020, 18:49

No No, he is mine.

Thumb s.o.s 02 April 2020, 17:08

The filthiest people are often the luckiest ones. My uncle, as in my aunt's husband, who’s 90 has been beating his wife for the past 70 years, even with his rifle sometimes. But he’s also a coward, when he suspects a robbery, he sends his wife to the front line, and he hides with the loaded rifle. Really, he has much in common with Michel Aoun. Last feb, he picked his car and drove to Southern Spain 1400km in one day because he needed a break, lol. Two weeks later he returns with a urinary track infection and drives back again 1400km without stopping over. He managed to dodge the Corona and will get away with everything just like the infamous deserter.