Govt. Extends Mobilization, Not Inclined to Reopen Airport


The government on Thursday approved a recommendation from the Higher Defense Council to extend the state of general mobilization over coronavirus until June 7.

Briefing reporters after a Cabinet session, Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad said “so far there is no vision or inclination to reopen the airport and flights will not be resumed after the repatriation of expats this month.”

Noting that a significant spike of 67 coronavirus cases was recorded on Thursday, Abdul Samad said authorities are assessing the nature of the infections, pointing out that “expat flights are the main reason behind them and can be controlled.”

“As for the cases among residents, the reason behind them is the failure to respect general mobilization measures,” she added.

“The cases do not indicate a spread of the disease, seeing as they occurred in specific locations and among expats coming from abroad,” Abdul Samad went on to say.

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