Israeli Warplanes Conduct Mock Raids over South


Israeli warplanes conducted mock raids on Monday flying at medium altitude over the southern region of Marjayoun, the National News Agency reported.

Israel has intensified its breach of Lebanon’s sovereignty recently, conducting reconnaissance flights over several regions mainly the South.

Also in April, Lebanon filed a complaint with the United Nations against Israel after its warplanes used Lebanese airspace to fire missiles at targets in Syria.

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Thumb janoubi 25 May 2020, 19:32

Israel is afraid, confused and in disarray according to nassrallah. We are also closer to the liberation of jerusalem than we have ever been although he did correct himself two days later and said it might take generations.

Thumb abe_Lincolnstein 25 May 2020, 19:33

And Hezbollah countered with the usual mock resistance that it's been conducting for over a decade.