Lebanese Could Be Fined LL50,000 for Not Wearing Face Masks


New directives have been put in place over the outbreak of coronavirus as Lebanon prepared to ease lockdown measures in light of its crisis-hit economy, but authorities have imposed fines on individuals who fail to wear face masks in public to counter the virus spread.

Lebanon recorded 21 cases on Tuesday, 13 in the town of Majdal Anjar, 6 among Lebanese expats, and 2 among Lebanese residents raising the total of infections to 1140.

The country has witnessed a sudden spike in cases last week, amid a big influx of Lebanese expats being repatriated as part of a government plan over coronavirus.

Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi on Tuesday said his ministry “issues directives in parallel with the Health Minister who is in direct contact with the World Health Organization,” and that “there are no plans to lockdown the country taking into consideration the worsening economy.”

“We need to gradually coexist with reality, and the best option is to balance between the economy and health that will depend in the next stage on personal protection,” Fahmi had said.

He noted that starting Friday May 29, fines have been introduced, as declared by the Internal Security Forces, for failure to wear face masks in public.

“We provided many facilities to the citizens and those who do not have the money to buy face masks can use any fabrics to cover the nose for personal protection and their surroundings. Fines reaching 50 thousand Lebanese pounds will be issued to anyone walking in public without a face mask,” Fahmi had said.

“The health and interior ministries will work together to distribute one million face masks. The purpose is to encourage and generalize a culture of compliance with face masks,” he said.

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Missing lebcan 27 May 2020, 18:41

Corona virus size 0.125 microns
N95 mask mesh 0.300 microns

Sheeple control world wide, you think a piece of cloth is going to do better than an N95 mask!

Long term wearing of these masks is not for viruses its for bigger germs, dust and bacteria not 0.125 micron viruses!!! Fact.

Long term wearing of Masks will recirculate Breathing your own CO2 masks will make you sick... not this lethality Lie from Corona will kill lots... it killed less than last years sever Flu.... 500,000-650,000 and those are the registered flu deaths only!

Martial Law and People conditioning to make you Obey... Hizbebola did very good conditioning his people for example...

You know he made lots of sheeple in his community...

Missing incorruptible 27 May 2020, 22:10

Soon to be $2. Not a bad fine.