Lebanese Troops Take Combat Positions in Border Standoff with Israelis


Tensions surged Tuesday afternoon in the southern border area of Adaisseh after an Israeli force advanced into an area claimed by Lebanon.

“An Israeli Merkava tank advanced into a disputed area without violating the Blue Line, as the Lebanese Army, Lebanese security forces and UNIFIL peacekeepers deployed heavily on the Lebanese side and prevented the Israeli tank from breaching the Blue Line,” MTV reported.

“Lebanese Army soldiers took combat positions and an atmosphere of tension engulfed the area,” MTV added.

Al-Manar TV meanwhile said that “three Merkava tanks and a personnel carrier carried out a significant maneuver in the occupied part of the Lebanese town of Adaisseh near the Miskav Am settlement.”

“Two tanks crossed the electronic fence and staged provocations by stirring heavy smoke in the face of the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL forces,” al-Manar added.

Lebanon's National News Agency meanwhile said an Israeli infantry force crossed the electronic fence through the metallic gate at the al-Mahafer area in Adaisseh's outskirts, assisted by two Merkava tanks.

“The infantry force scoured and combed the aforementioned area without breaching the Blue Line, as the Lebanese Army went on alert and brought a number of military vehicles,” NNA said.

The agency added that a UNIFIL-affiliated team also arrived on the Israeli side of the border in a bid to diffuse the standoff.

“After strong explosions were heard echoing throughout the border towns, it turned out that the enemy was carrying out a military drill along the border,” NNA said.

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Missing phillipo 02 June 2020, 18:07

Without crossing the Blue Line. So what exactly is the problem?

Thumb galaxy 02 June 2020, 19:43

It was the smoke that bothered our elite battle hardened pos soldiers.

Thumb doodle-dude 02 June 2020, 19:40

lol @ 'Combat Positions'

Thumb Geralt 03 June 2020, 09:49

lol they readied the white flag and each prayed the God he believes in!

Thumb Geralt 03 June 2020, 09:47

This time he will be heading to the Iranian embassy!

The French won't accept him again; there are grades in recycled paper quality beyond which it can't be recycled anymore... it has to go to Auschwitz!