Mustaqbal Takes Swipe at Diab and 'Ruling Party' over Cabinet Powers


Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc warned Tuesday against what it called “the deliberate political and partisan hegemony over of the powers of the Council of Ministers.”

In a statement issued after its weekly meeting, the bloc said there is an attempt to turn Cabinet into “an institution without constitutional competence, whose goal is to implement the agendas of the ruling party and accept its decisions, directives and orders.”

“The last session of the Council of Ministers and its statement regarding the electricity plan and the revival of the Salaata plant, in opposition to a previous decision issued by the Council, had a bad impact on the Lebanese public opinion,” Mustaqbal lamented.

It added: “The bloc holds the Prime Minister directly responsible for this negligence and warns the political forces concerned with securing the political cover for the government of the dangers of the policies that tend towards overthrowing the Taef Acoord and turning the third presidency (premiership) into an insignificant entity in the political system.”

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Thumb whyaskwhy 03 June 2020, 04:26

who is party called el Mustaqbal? what have they done in the past 30 years? apart from ellect its own party members and made them all rich?

Thumb s.o.s 03 June 2020, 14:45

They’re no different than their opponents, sure their blood was shed but only because they failed themselves before failing the country. Their partnership with Hizbala and the other criminal gangs produced nothing except more theft.

Thumb justice 03 June 2020, 08:48

But all was fine when you partnered with the 'Ruling Party'.

Bunch of useless corrupt and incompetent jerks.