Choueifat Industrialists Hold Important Meeting with Hoballah


The head and members of the Industrialists Association of Choueifat and Suburbs on Tuesday held an “important meeting” with Industry Minister Imad Hoballah and the Ministry's Director General Dany Jadoun, the Association said.

“The discussions tackled the demands of the industrialists of Choueifat and its suburbs, who were led by Kamal al-Rifai,” the IACS said in a statement.

Al-Rifai submitted a memo calling for “re-imposing high customs fees to protect Lebanese goods; supporting factories through tax and fee exemptions and the extension of deadlines to obtain clearances from the National Social Security Fund; addressing the financial situations of small and medium defaulting factories through subsidized low-interest loans; and reevaluating foreign trade treaties that are unfair to Lebanon,” the statement said.

The memo also calls for a host of other measures aimed at assisting the industry sector.

“The talks touched on the measures that the Industry Ministry has taken since the government's formation to protect, develop and modernize industry; implement the principle of reciprocity in commercial exchanges between Lebanon and foreign parties; and slashing the cost of business,” the statement added.

Minister Hoballah for his part stressed the government's determination to “control and prevent smuggling,” focusing on “industry's developmental role” and its importance as to the creation of jobs, the statement said.

He also noted that an agreement has been reached between the Industry Ministry and the Association of Banks in Lebanon with the aim of supporting the industry sector.

The head of the Industrialists Association of Choueifat and Suburbs, Kamal al-Rifai, meanwhile lauded the agreement and thanked banks for the facilitations that they will offer to the industry sector.

“These new measures towards the productive sectors are an essential pillar for mending the national economy and preserving its resilience, the income of the Lebanese and the continuity of employees' work,” al-Rifai added.

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