Bassil Says Govt. May Not Stay if Current Performance Continues


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil has suggested that Hassan Diab’s government might be changed in the near future.

“We do not accept this approach of low productivity which we have witnessed recently,” Bassil said in an interview.

“It may not stay if it fails to do more,” he added, referring to the government.

He also said the government should carry out reforms regardless of any foreign conditions or pressures.

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Missing ysurais 08 July 2020, 11:39

man can i laugh, lollll
hassuna zebra is z mother of all f--k up.. but let me remind u that z ministers are all yurs.. even when u were in position what have u done except division , embezzlement, cheating, lying, and on and on...

Missing samiam 08 July 2020, 12:48

minister--no chance. He has his sights on being the actual president instead of a defacto one. what a egotistical narcissistic <insert expletive here>