Army: Israeli Military Boat Violates Lebanese Waters


The Lebanese Army said in a statement on Saturday that an Israeli boat violated Lebanon’s territorial waters on Friday off al-Naqoura infiltrating 555 m into Lebanese waters.

The statement said the boat entered Lebanese waters at 22:15 on Friday coming within 555 meters of shore.

Israeli troops fired bomb flares before leaving at 22:40 heading towards Palestinaian waters.

The Lebanese Army is reportedly following up on the violation in coordination with the Naqoura-bases United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.

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Missing phillipo 11 July 2020, 22:55

Where exactly are "Palestinian waters" I've looked at a few atlases and can't find them anywhere.

Missing charles.vaughn.961 12 July 2020, 08:29

It is hard for the world to care about Lebanon when Lebanon doesn't care about Lebanon.