Patriarch Meets Iranian Ambassador in Dimane


Iranian Ambassador Mohammed-Jalal Firouznia said on Thursday from Dimane, after holding talks with Maronite Patriarch Beshara el-Rahi, that Iran is open to provide assistance for Lebanon and that it “does not interfere in Lebanon’s internal affairs.”

“Iranian support to Lebanon comes in the context of coordination and cooperation with the Lebanese government,” said the Iranian Ambassador.

“Iran is open to helping all the Lebanese people in all its spectrum and our meeting with the Patriarch today falls in this context,” he added.

Firouznia said he assured Rahi that “Iran supports consolidation of national unity in Lebanon,” adding that “Iran does not interfere in the internal affairs of Lebanon.”

The ambassador said parties capable of providing help for Lebanon must not hesitate.

“We call on all parties that can help Lebanon not to hesitate,” he said.

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Thumb ansarullah 16 July 2020, 14:50

Lan Tusba Zainabu Marrattayn
Lan Lan Lan
Shia Shia Shia !!!

Missing keserwaniaseel 16 July 2020, 14:58

And here lies this pateiarch's problems. Meeting with this piece of jhara iranian

Thumb s.o.s 16 July 2020, 16:13

LoL, rahi meeting his masters. He won’t get a maybach out of them, at best a pimped up Soviet Lada.

Missing rabiosa 16 July 2020, 17:13

They came to warn him to better stay out of it. Why does an Iranian ambassador go visit the head of the church. Is he a government official? Does he act as the foreign minister.

Batak you blew this one. Imagine Batrak Sfeir (RIP) hosting Rustum Ghazaleh, or Ghazi Kennan during the Syrian occupation