Protests against Power Outage as Lebanon Plunges into Darkness


Protests against Lebanon’s aggravating economic and electricity crisis expanded on Thursday amid widespread blackouts that saw the majority of Lebanese areas drenched in darkness amid an uncommon heat wave hitting the region.

Lebanese protesters in Jounieh tried on Thursday to storm into the state-run Electricite Du Liban offices complaining against continued power cuts. They chanted slogans and threats that they won’t pay their due electricity bills.

In the northern city of Tripoli, groups gathered on the highway in al-Mina blocking it with burning tyres in protest against a soaring economic crisis and continued blackouts.

Overnight, protesters in Sidon, Tripoli, Beirut and other Lebanese areas also blocked major roads with burning tyres.

Various Lebanese regions are witnessing long hours of blackout, amid diesel and fuel shortages due to their association with the dollar and a sharp depreciation of the Lebanese pound.

Lebanon witnesses almost daily demonstrations against the frequent blackouts.

Earlier in July, EDL board of directors told Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar that it might be impossible for the corporation to maintain production, transmission and distribution of electric current to subscribers.

On Tuesday, EDL said in a statement that a malfunction in the Jiyeh Thermal Factory affected the power stations in Jiyyeh-Bsalim, Zahrani and Deir Ammar.

Power outages lasting up to 22 hours per day in most Lebanese areas have crippled the country.

By a Cabinet decision, Beirut used to be excluded from strict rationing being the hub for the state’s institutions, embassies and major businesses. But not anymore.

On social media, angry comments were recorded against the government and the Ministry of Energy which did not succeed in building production plants at a low cost, and wasted about $45 billion on this sector without bringing in electricity.

Activists circulated pictures of Beirut in the dark at night.

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Missing phillipo 30 July 2020, 14:44

Didn't the Minister state two or three weeks ago that everything will work fully from Thursday.
Oops sorry, he didn't say which Thursday in which year.

Missing tintophat 30 July 2020, 15:24

I think you’ll fine israel has already started the generator

Missing rabiosa 30 July 2020, 17:11

Nothin will bring electricity to Lebanon 24/7, unless EDL is privatized. As long as it's in government's hands, the inefficiency, corruption, will continue and no electricity. Same withTelecom. Te State should basically have no control over any industry. Sell them and open the market to others so people have completion of service which in tuen will bring prices down. No other way around this.

Missing samiam 30 July 2020, 18:15

EDL needs to be privatized and the management, which has been there since the syrian occupation, needs to be FIRED, and probably thrown in jail. And just as importantly, ImBasil, Barry, Harirri, Jumblatt and company should have NOTHING to do with it. They take for themselves, give jobs to their minions and then blame everyone else for any problems.