Pompeo Offers Help in Phone Talks with Diab


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday offered U.S. assistance after the massive Beirut explosion in a call with Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

Pompeo voiced "our steadfast commitment to assist the Lebanese people as they cope with the aftermath of this terrifying event," a State Department statement said.

He "further stressed our solidarity with and support for the Lebanese people as they strive for the dignity, prosperity and security they deserve."

The statement spoke of a "horrible explosion" and did not describe the cause, despite President Donald Trump's insistence Tuesday that it was an attack.

"It was a bomb of some kind, yes," Trump told reporters, saying he spoke to U.S. generals about the blast.

Lebanese officials have not described the explosions which killed more than 100 people as an attack, with Diab pinning the blame on the storage of a massive amount of explosives in a portside warehouse.

Pompeo did not describe how the United States would help Lebanon, which was already in a deep economic crisis and seeking more than $20 billion in external funding.

The United States has been hesitant about supporting an aid package from the International Monetary Fund, insisting on reforms and the exclusion of Iran-backed Hizbullah.

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Missing striker 05 August 2020, 21:21

USA remains a strong supporter to our nation, but hezbulla and our government keep pushing them away . Trump's administration should be cautious on who receives the aids in lebanon and where is it being spent/ used.

Thumb tric.portugal 05 August 2020, 21:35

Trump sell Lebanon to the whaabi kingdons!! The evangelicals do not like the cristhians in Lebanon, they say that land belongs to the torahs not to the cristhians

Missing striker 05 August 2020, 23:49


Thumb roflmfao 05 August 2020, 22:13

Dudes.. Mecca sent help.. UAE sent help.. Jordan sent help.. Qatar sent help.. France sent help.. Italy sent help.. Russia sent help.. UK sent help.. USA sent help.. UN sent help... Iran sent hot air.. China didn't send anything.. Portugal.. she sent her village idiot..

Thumb lebnanfirst 05 August 2020, 23:28

Ha ha ha ha, LOL

Thumb lebnanfirst 05 August 2020, 23:30

Let's not get on Portugal's case, I understand they have disavowed tric-y long ago. Reason, lack of grey matter compounded by sectarian layers of fat on top preventing brain from properly processing information.
Case in point, just check out his English...

Thumb tric.portugal 05 August 2020, 23:47

Pompeo phone first to hariri that to the governement of lebanon...this say much about what USA want´s and the true nature of usa administration...facts are facts..

Missing striker 05 August 2020, 23:54

Yes, trump will not speak to a puppet of hezbulla. Even if he is Christian. USA works through Saudi Arabia, not Iran

Thumb tric.portugal 06 August 2020, 02:27

Yes, it's true what you say... USA support the expansion of the whaabism in Africa... In Europe... In Asia... Attacking the catholics in Brasil... USA is Judas Nation