Aoun Argues against Int'l Probe in Port Blast, Vows Accountability, Truth


President Michel Aoun on Friday said calls for an international probe into the catastrophic blast that rocked Beirut’s port are aimed at “distorting the truth,” as he said the disaster was caused by either negligence or an attack.

“There is no meaning for any verdict if it takes too long to be issued and the judiciary must be swift, because late justice is not justice,” Aoun said at a press conference.

“Like the Lebanese people, I’m angry about the blast that occurred at the port and our goal today is to unveil the truth,” the president added.

“In war as well as in peacetime, no one can push me to commit a mistake and no one can prevent me from unveiling the facts,” Aoun went on to say.

“I do not come from palaces but rather from the people,” he said.

Offering the Lebanese warm condolences, Aoun said “the real consolation is the fulfillment of justice,” stressing that “in the face of this justice, no senior or low-rank official will enjoy impunity.”

As for the explosion, the president said it could have been "negligence or foreign interference through a missile or bomb."

“I have personally asked the French president to provide us with aerial images so that we determine whether there were aircraft or missiles in the air. If the French do not possess such images, we will request them from other nations,” Aoun added.

As for the local probe, Aoun said 20 people are being interrogated.

“But no one can be arrested or put in jail before investigations,” he added.

Asked about French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks Thursday about change in Lebanon, Aoun said Lebanon's “paralyzed” political system should be reconsidered.

“We are before changes and a reconsideration of our current system that is based on consensus,” the president added.

“If we don’t manage to rule ourselves, no one can rule us… and Lebanese sovereignty won’t be violated during my tenure,” Aoun emphasized.

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Thumb canadianleb 07 August 2020, 17:02

This guy is an IDIOT. You never ruled you are a puppet. Hang the SOB!!!

Thumb s.o.s 07 August 2020, 17:25

Death to Aoun, death to Berri, death to Diab!

Default-user-icon johnnabangsorensen,dk (Guest) 14 August 2020, 05:36

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Thumb tric.bortugal 17 August 2020, 05:54 not good católico.... must be evangélico

Thumb gebran_sons 07 August 2020, 17:37

Hopefully Aoun lives until he is 100 so he and Gebran Bassil can rot in prison.
Immediate focus before evidence hidden and people are assassinated is to confirm if there was any HizbIran arm storage at the airport that contributed to Nitrate explosion so Iran and Hizb can be sued for full direct and indirect damage. All honest lawyers should volunteer their time for this cause to restore a grain of justice.

Thumb gebran_sons 07 August 2020, 17:41

... Hizb arm storage at port

Thumb gebran_sons 07 August 2020, 17:43

If Hizb/Iran found guilty, an international tribunal can link all future oil income of Iran to pay retribution similar to what Iraq oil revenue was used to pay reparation to Kuwait and managed by international organization.

Default-user-icon Arzzz (Guest) 07 August 2020, 17:09

I am so ashamed that he is the face of our beloved country. How embarrassing.

Missing rabiosa 07 August 2020, 17:13

very funny this so called President. Tell me what internal investigation has lead to any one arrested for the variety of corruptions, theft and whatever. NON.

Missing samiam 07 August 2020, 17:14

Such 'solid' arguments---I am sure fed to him by his advisors and rubber stamped by kizb

and seriously
“We are before changes and a reconsideration of our current system that is based on consensus,” the president added.

“If we don’t manage to rule ourselves, no one can rule us… and Lebanese sovereignty won’t be violated during my tenure,” Aoun emphasized. And I guess kizb and iran are excluded.

Go back to your dreams since you seem to be napping a lot lately.

Thumb Machia 07 August 2020, 17:15

He sold his country for a chair...and a few billions

Default-user-icon amazed (Guest) 07 August 2020, 17:17

The voice of Hizb and nothing else

You puppet

Thumb eagledawn 07 August 2020, 17:29

“بتبقى انت الحلم، والحلم ما بيشيخ
الله يحميك
بي الكل

A fearless man - A real leader - A true statesman.

Missing arturo 07 August 2020, 17:29

He's already concluded that Israel's responsible and those arrested yesterday should be freed.

Missing phillipo 07 August 2020, 17:38

I hope that he will get up off his fat backside and explain EXACTLY how Israel is responsible.
I mean, was it Israel that forced the ship into Beirut Port 6 years ago when the owners went bankrupt- No. Was it Israel that forced the unloading of the cargo and storing it in the port warehouse - No. Was it Israel which persuaded the courts to refuse to destroy this cargo - No. So in actual fact it is perhaps his friends, the people who are in charge of everything that happens in Beirut Port, the terrorists of Hizballah.

Default-user-icon megist (Guest) 12 August 2020, 18:59

The only guilty party here is Hezballah. This the best opportunity for Lebanon people to overthrow Nasrallah and dismantle Hizballah for good. They have brought only misery to Lebanon, and will continue to do so, furthering their Iranian handlers' interests.

Thumb doodle-dude 07 August 2020, 17:31

lol @ 'Lebanese sovereignty won’t be violated during my tenure'

Missing phillipo 07 August 2020, 17:32

Of course he is against an internation probe. He already knows all the answers as to who is responsible and wants the usual cover-up.

Thumb CODE.961 07 August 2020, 18:28

Since last year Aoun and later Diab received multiple official reports about the dangerous substance in hangar #12 and did nothing, their head should be the first ones to roll.

Thumb thepatriot 07 August 2020, 18:39

Totally Pathetic.. He is a sold POS to Ebola...

Thumb just-lebanese 07 August 2020, 21:07

Excellent, now you can combine this investigation with the one you're already solving regarding the stolen money. What an efficient government!

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 07 August 2020, 21:59

If these criminals have nothing to hide, they would accept a transparent credible international inquiry !

Thumb Surrounded 07 August 2020, 23:47

Bring the Guillotine. Nothing else will work. If you don't you will never stop being slaves.

Default-user-icon eli (Guest) 08 August 2020, 00:55

A fearless man - A real leader - A true statesman of what? what is left of this country for them to pillage anymore? all rotten political class killon sawa.

Thumb Maxx 08 August 2020, 05:41

Sounds exactly like a "president" who has nothing to hide. Keep blaming others to avoid responsibility for your own horrific errors...

Default-user-icon Homeopath (Guest) 08 August 2020, 12:14

notice how we have electricity now? cheating people of basic needs is how these people rule

Missing marspluto 09 August 2020, 02:06

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Tell me pussy in what the Baabda clown is fearless huh?

Default-user-icon Unimportant (Guest) 10 August 2020, 17:16