Geagea to Berri: Any Call for Majoritarian Democracy Blows Up Lebanese Formula


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Thursday hit back at Speaker Nabih Berri over remarks the latter voiced during an emergency parliament session.

"Any call for majoritarian rule, even a veiled one, would blow up the Lebanese formula and the National Pact. We have enough problems and crises and we should not add to them a problem that is nonexistent at the moment,” Geagea tweeted.

Commenting on Berri’s remarks about “a conspiracy for resignations from parliament,” Geagea said: “That wasn’t a conspiracy but rather practicing of a a natural democratic right.”

“Only early parliamentary elections can save us from the current situation,” Geagea went on to say.

Berri had earlier in the day called for “an electoral law without regional or sectarian barriers.”

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Thumb s.o.s 13 August 2020, 19:42

Before getting the 1 person 1 vote, religious meddling with politics must be banned and severely repressed. Understand, Rahi, Qabalan or Daryan would no longer be entitled to intervene in day to day topics. It would be for the best. Understand that jamaa iislamiya or Hizbala should be outlawed.

Then we could all live like normal people.

Missing bigjohn 13 August 2020, 20:23

In western "democracies" members of the clergy are allowed to run in Governments. The pastor and religious extremist Pat Robertson ran for President in the US in 1988. I agree that Lebanon should be a secular state, one person one vote. But, even if you ban "religious parties" you will have religious people forming a party under a secular name.

Thumb lebnanfirst 13 August 2020, 22:11

Institute separation of Church/Mosque and State in the heart of our constitution, else we're doomed Christians and Moslems.

Thumb tric.portugal 13 August 2020, 21:32

Change the electoral law only if is to give more powers to the cristhians!!! With 2 million Meca refugies only the cristhians must be benefeciated by a new law

Missing servant-of-jesus 13 August 2020, 23:22

Who are these "CRISTHIANS" ?!?!?! Can somebody tell me WHO they are?!?!?!

Missing arturo 13 August 2020, 20:18

Majority rule is the only formula for a stable government. However, it only makes sense if the government controls the military; otherwise Lebanon will continue to have a government controlled by a "strong man" so who gets elected is much less relevant.

Thumb tric.portugal 13 August 2020, 21:29

Wants to give the Lebanon army to Meca!!?? The army of Lebanon belongs to the cristhians

Missing kazan 13 August 2020, 20:43

As long as they think in terms of religion, this country is doomed.Any Lebanese Druze, Jew, Christian or Moslem with the right qualifications should have the right to have any position in the country. And as long as this is not the case, Lebanon will remain retarded.

Thumb tric.portugal 13 August 2020, 21:28

First the 2 million of Meca refugies must return

Thumb tric.portugal 13 August 2020, 21:28

Kkk Berri what!!!?? It's impossible to change electoral law with 2 million of Meca refugies in Lebanon!! It's pure terrorism

Thumb roflmfao 13 August 2020, 21:42

Dudes.. the French's biggest mistake in Lebanon was.. constructing the Parliament building around Nabih Berri... And they were warned he'd never leave!..

Missing logik 13 August 2020, 21:53

Thanks naharnet for such worthless news. What is this he said she said bickering you keep giving us?! Is it really newsworthy or is this part of your never-ending novel?

Default-user-icon MrRationality (Guest) 14 August 2020, 03:25

Only one solution saves this miserable place.

Divide the country
Mount Lebanon and keserwen to real Christian believers

Rest including orange trees to the Muslims and let them form their greater Palestinian state ))))))

If you read a bit of history and with a little IQ you will see this is the only logical solution.

Default-user-icon Serge Hamamdjian (Guest) 14 August 2020, 09:23

On one hand we say we want to eliminate sectarianism and then we say we want to keep sectarianism. stupid bipolar people. Either you are with sectarianism or against sectarianism, there is no in between.

Missing logik 14 August 2020, 13:52

This is why they deserve it.

Thumb chrisrushlau 14 August 2020, 17:29

Just like Israel.