Report: World Wants Independents and Political Parties in New Govt.


The international community is pushing for a cabinet comprised of independents who could win the support of protesters, as well as representatives of top political parties to deter them from obstructing the government's work, a Western diplomatic source told AFP on Thursday.

But feedback so far from Lebanon's top political players "has not been encouraging" with many of them dismissing pressure from the street "as not very strong," the source said.

Officials do not appear to be making rapid progress toward naming a new cabinet, a process which could take months.

The president's office is yet to schedule binding parliamentary consultations to name a new premier.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Thursday called on authorities "to speed up the process of forming a cabinet" that can spearhead reforms.

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Missing kazan 13 August 2020, 22:12

How can Lebanon say we are independent? everyone not only interferes but also tells Lebanon how to arrange their internal affairs, it is scandalous

Thumb lebnanfirst 13 August 2020, 23:02

Indeed it IS scandalous and yet, it is, unfortunately, what Lebanon needs at this point to push its political class off Top Dead Center which they have maintained to their advantage for 35+ years.
Add to that Hizbullah's ideology and FPM's fig leaf, which I'm sure many - maybe all - FPMrs now regret it, and you have a ruling class with only one goal: maintain the status quo.
It is that exact status quo that's at the heart of of the people's call to dismantle and replace with a modern governance system with real accountability. One that values its individual citizen's rights to social justice, freedom of expression and a dignified existence among all nations of this earth.
A dream? Maybe, but that's what our Lebanon desperately needs at this juncture in its history.

Missing logik 13 August 2020, 22:21

Ummm ok.

Missing levant 14 August 2020, 01:49

Thank you to the rest of the world. The Lebanese are living in a vacum devoid of logic as the status quo is a failed iranin satanic project.

Thumb tric.portugal 14 August 2020, 02:34

...Convert or Die...

Missing levant 14 August 2020, 05:27

The whole world knows what Lebanon needs but the corrupt dogs of Lebanon are blissfully oblivious.

Missing samiam 14 August 2020, 08:58

Seriously, they need to move out of their palaces and move into the street and see what kind of pressure they get when they actually see and maybe interact with citizens. Right now, they stay in their armed fortresses, get driven around in armed convoys and seem to treat citizens as a disease. They are so driven by their own agenda they don't give a shit if hurts everyone else. See kizb, amal, fpm, mustaqbal, ssnp and others for examples.

Missing kazan 14 August 2020, 15:46

It is well known, most of the time solutions to problems tackle the symptoms and not the root cause. I believe this is the case in Lebanon, since the independence Lebanon is continuously facing many serious political crisis/problems, all attempts to solve them failed, because all solution were focussing on the symptoms, all crisis were result of the real (root cause) problem, the Lebanese population are not united as one nation, because of this warlords found a fertile
ground for their operations. Sound solution to the root cause problem will be to educate the new generation Lebanese starting the age of 5 to learn to accept each other and to live together.