Zarif Meets Aoun, Urges 'Strong Govt. Enjoying Support of All Parties'


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday called for the formation in Lebanon of “a strong new government that enjoys the support of all Lebanese parties.”

Zarif voiced his remarks during talks in Baabda with President Michel Aoun.

He said such a government would be able to “perform its missions amid these circumstances.”

Zarif also said Tehran is ready to help Lebanon “in all available fields, especially after the massive damages that the capital Beirut sustained due to this explosion.”

The top Iranian diplomat said there is cooperation possibilities in the fields of health, energy, electricity, fuel and “everything that Lebanon might request to alleviate the pain of the Lebanese.”

“Iran is ready to provide Lebanon with glass and the requirements for reconstructing damaged homes and properties, Zarif added.

Aoun for his part asked Zarif to relay a message of gratitude to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, expressing appreciation of “Iran’s swift scrambling to help Lebanon overcome the difficult current period.”

The president also underscored “the Lebanese people’s determination to move forward in the face of all types of difficulties.”

The August 4 explosion at Beirut’s port sent a shockwave that killed at least 178 people, wounded nearly 6,500 and defaced the coastline of Beirut -- destroying hundreds of buildings.

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Missing applesandoranges 14 August 2020, 18:44

Mind your own business zarif

Thumb justice 14 August 2020, 20:20

قال ظريف في حديث لقناة “الميادين” اليوم الجمعة: “وجود البوارج الأجنبية على السواحل اللبنانية ليس أمراً طبيعياً وهذا تهديد للشعب اللبناني ومقاومته”.

Missing levant 15 August 2020, 01:15

oh aoun you failed senile fool. history will be your air of the highest order and treason par excellence.

Thumb tric.portugual 15 August 2020, 17:11

I agree with Zarif. Strong Islamic republic of lebanon with a cretin president like now.