Nasrallah Says to Comment Later on 'Israeli Upheaval, Attacks'


Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday opted not to comment extensively on Tuesday’s flare-up on the Lebanese-Israeli border while describing the events as “important and sensitive.”

“Yesterday’s events, the Israeli upheaval, the firing of phosphorus bombs and some attacks are something important and sensitive to us but I deliberately will not comment now,” said Nasrallah in brief remarks about the incidents during a Ashoura religious sermon.

“I will leave talk about it to the appropriate time,” Nasrallah added.

A Hizbullah spokesman on Wednesday declined to comment on the overnight flare-up but a member of the group said no Hizbullah positions were hit by Israel as claimed by its army. The Hizbullah member spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.

He said shrapnel hit a structure belonging to Green Without Borders, an environmental NGO that Israel says is an arm of Hizbullah, allegations denied by the Iran-backed armed group.

The Hizbullah member would neither confirm nor deny that an attack had been launched from Lebanon.

The Israeli army said Wednesday morning that attack helicopters had overnight bombed observation posts of Hizbullah along the Lebanon border overnight after shots were fired at Israeli troops operating in the area.

The Israeli military said no Israeli forces were wounded, and there were no reports of casualties in Lebanon. Earlier on Tuesday night, Israeli troops fired flares, smoke shells and incendiary phosphorus bombs along the border. Hizbullah-run al-Manar TV reported that two homes were damaged by the shelling.

The Lebanese Army for its part said that Israel had fired 13 missiles, 117 flares and 100 shells at Lebanon during the flare-up.

“After midnight, helicopters belonging to the Israeli enemy targeted posts belonging to the Green Without Borders environmental NGO with three missiles at the outskirts of the town of Ramya and eight missiles at the outskirts of the town of Aita al-Shaab, in addition to two missiles that were fired from the Tal al-Raheb post at the outskirts of the aforementioned town,” the army said in a statement.

“A post for the aforementioned NGO was also targeted in the Aitaroun national reserve, which sparked a blaze in it,” the army added.

The military also said that Israel had earlier in the night fired 117 flares and around 100 explosive and incendiary shells at the outskirts of the Lebanese towns of Mays al-Jabal, Houla, Maroun al-Ras and Aitaroun, which resulted in several forestfires and damaged a house and a goat farm.

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Missing arturo 26 August 2020, 22:11

The last thing Lebanon needs now is a war with Israel that is sure to damage Lebanon's infrastructure. Lebanon can't be certain it will receive funds rebuild from Arab countries or others.

Thumb gebran_sons 26 August 2020, 22:22

No respectable TV should carries this criminal talks, especially not after Ayyash conviction. There is a general rule in all civilized nations not to give any airtime or even mention the name of mass murderers because they don’t deserve this notoriety and publicity. It is way time for all patriotic TV stations to stop covering or even mentioning the names of current mass murderers running Lebanon politics. Lebanon never felt more humiliated and without honors at seeing Berri meeting with Gebran Imbassil, Aoun and the two Khalils to decide Lebanon future government; or being lectured by Hizbollah and his henchmen. These murderers should be in prison not on TVs.

Thumb canadianleb 26 August 2020, 22:52

Good luck liberating Palestine

Missing un520 26 August 2020, 23:01

"Green Without Borders"....yeah, right...

Missing lebonknees4peace 26 August 2020, 23:25

Naharnet please get rid of propaganda from this party! He is irrelevant! It’s as if he is the supreme leader. We need to eliminate this type of bs from Lebanon

Thumb eagledawn 26 August 2020, 23:34

The day this evil iranian sectarian terrorist is brutally and violently murdered is the day we celebrate our true independence.

Thumb Geralt 27 August 2020, 12:24

Allahu Akbar!

Thumb ParvizAmir 26 August 2020, 23:42

The real President of Lebanon!

Missing random1 27 August 2020, 08:53

The true Iranian slave you mean!

Thumb ansarullah 27 August 2020, 06:58

“منشان الله يا سيد يالا”
Shia Shia Shia !!!

Missing random1 27 August 2020, 08:52

Nasrallah is just scared of Israel and is doing his best to avoid a war, because he knows he will be crushed. Keep hiding in Iran

Thumb thepatriot 27 August 2020, 14:07

logik... what is your purpose here exactly? You whine and complain about every single article...

Thumb thepatriot 28 August 2020, 16:15

Well indeed. Each of us is free to fish for info in every way he sees fit. I think that I am educated enough to cross informations, analyse, verify, and i have some knowledge from the field. One source of information is a heresy. However... commenting here amuses me, and allows me to get some steam off. I won't give up on that :)
As for change... it will only come from the street...
Evey article that naharnet publishes contributes to the rebellion...

Thumb thepatriot 27 August 2020, 14:13

Yes s.o.s... Sarah el yafi had exposed it already. It is now clear that depot #12 was a Hezbollah lab for the fabrication of TATB. Bombs.

Thumb thepatriot 28 August 2020, 12:52

@sos... I am not sure about what was used in the Paris & Brussels attacks. But Daesh and Hezbollah always were two sides of a same coin. Their only difference is secterian. The ideology is quite the same, only Ebola hides behind the zionist excuse to gain more on the financial side. Same stinky smell anyway...

Missing 1920 27 August 2020, 14:50

zionist stooge

Thumb galaxy 28 August 2020, 15:35

shia traitor

Missing samiam 27 August 2020, 19:36

I wish he would just put himself in the line of fire and take the ultimate punishment, instead of hearing some story that his iranian masters told him to recite. That is our punishment.