Mustafa Adib Tipped to Become Lebanon's Premier


Lebanon's former ambassador to Germany Mustafa Adib was on Sunday tipped to become the country's new premier after his nomination was endorsed by ex-PMs Saad Hariri, Fouad Saniora, Najib Miqati and Tammam Salam.

The major blocs had said they would endorse the candidate chosen by Hariri and the ex-PMs.

The binding parliamentary consultations are scheduled for Monday and Adib is expected to be formally nominated to lead the new government.

Al-Jadeed TV had reported earlier on Sunday that the parliamentary blocs had received the names of three candidates -- Adib, Middle East Airlines chairman Mohammed al-Hout and State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat.

“President Michel Aoun is opposed to Ghassan Oueidat's nomination while Hariri prefers him over Adib,” al-Jadeed said.

Al-Jadeed had earlier reported that in their phone talks on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed to Aoun “three candidates chosen by the ex-PMs” and that the Lebanese president “chose one of them.”

“Hizbullah and AMAL have not objected against any of the candidates proposed by Hariri,” the TV network added.

Adib, who hails from Tripoli, had served as the director of Miqati’s office during the latter’s term as premier. He also served as his personal adviser.

The father of five is married to a French woman, according to media reports.

Other reports said that he enjoys the support of several Western capitals.

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Thumb justice 30 August 2020, 19:52

“President Michel Aoun is opposed to Ghassan Oueidat's nomination while Hariri prefers him over Adib,” al-Jadeed said.

Who the f he thinks he is to oppose a candidate? The whole nation opposes his existence!

Thumb s.o.s 30 August 2020, 21:19

Words of wisdom Justice. Thanks for being our voice.

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 30 August 2020, 22:55

Aoun opposes Ghassan Oueidat because it Oueidat waswho ordered the arrest of Badri Daher among others before the port investigation was passed on to Judge Fadi Sawan. The FPM are in hysterical full cover-up mode defending the detention of Bassil's own Daher.

Missing keserwaniaseel 30 August 2020, 19:59

Hizib al shaytaan is in favor of anyone but vacuum as vacuum takes its ability to continue taking over the system

Missing kazan 30 August 2020, 20:02

Adib means civilised? he is very decent person for a Lebanese politician, poor guy, you're the next victim

Thumb galaxy 30 August 2020, 20:07

Nominated by the Ex-PMs and approved by Aoun and the shia duo! Definitely an independent technocrat:)!

Thumb lebanon_first 30 August 2020, 20:33

Bad choice. We need soneone from the private sector. Who can revive the private sector. We dont need another communist looser.

Thumb lebnanfirst 31 August 2020, 00:06

Whoever the prime minster be, if there’s not an agreement to at least effectively neutralize Hizbullah’s weapons, there can be no resurrection for our Lebanon.

Thumb whyaskwhy 31 August 2020, 01:05


Thumb whyaskwhy 31 August 2020, 01:08

What we are seeing is a result of a lack of bonfide opposition leadership. Clown, kizb and other failed partys of yesteryear continue to dictate who should rule and steer lebanon forward unabated. There are no opposition leaders who can make demands and therefore the system will continue to fail. Status quo bring on the next act of the same play....

Thumb tric.bortugal 31 August 2020, 08:09

Son of Amro Adib?

Default-user-icon Mike (Guest) 31 August 2020, 10:34

The truth is that, who ever the prime minister may be, if the duo of hizbollah and Amal is not disarm there will be no resurrection of Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Magman07 (Guest) 31 August 2020, 17:28

Is he going to allow an independent investigation in to the port blast? NO
Is he going to root out corruption in the government ? NO
Is he going to fix the banking system and restructure ? NO
Is he going to get rid of Hezbollah and make them disarm? NO
Unless he does some of these things, he will not be any help to Lebanon and the whole cycle will just start all over again.

Default-user-icon Ghost (Guest) 31 August 2020, 18:23

Who the hell does Aoun think he is try oppose a candidate, he knows that the whole country oppose his existence as a lebanese civilian