Macron Holds Phone Talks with Aoun on Govt. Formation


President Michel Aoun received a telephone call on Friday from his French counterpart where talks focused on the hurdles delaying the formation of the government missing a French deadline.

Aoun received a call from French President Emmanuel Macron. The two leaders stressed the need to “exert all efforts at all levels to ensure that a Cabinet is formed soon,” the National News Agency reported.

The two men agreed that the formation process must be complete within a specific time-frame.

NNA said Macron had urged Aoun “to exert utmost efforts to reach a positive result,” pointing out that he would in turn make contacts for this purpose.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 18 September 2020, 14:20

It must have been a late afternoon call as he is known to sleep till noon. Beauty has its price...

Thumb tric.bortugal 18 September 2020, 19:38

Macaron aimez old beoble. Comme la femme

Default-user-icon André (Guest) 19 September 2020, 07:57

You must be definetly mistaken, The President starts his meetings at 07:30. The man with the regular hangover is Saad, he never starts b4 noon

Thumb s.o.s 18 September 2020, 14:58

ان شاء الله يا رب

Thumb gebran_sons 18 September 2020, 15:02

Any watering down of Macron initiative is a death bullet for Lebanese hopes of real change. Adib should resign and be followed by a million-person demonstration and a march on parliament and Baabda.

Thumb blablablablablaba 18 September 2020, 21:02

good comment as usual

Default-user-icon Dodo.doo (Guest) 18 September 2020, 19:55

I heard macaron slammed the phone because all he heard on the other end was snoring

Default-user-icon BF (Guest) 18 September 2020, 22:33

We love you president Michel Aoun...

Missing hammerhead1 18 September 2020, 23:13

Hay big john who do you reckon the 5 new Arab states to sign peace accords with Israel are? Until they sign we will have no peace in Lebanon. Israel and the US will keep supporting your people ( the bogeyman) until they sign.

Default-user-icon marcelle bachour (Guest) 19 September 2020, 03:34

General General, Epilation totale!!!

Default-user-icon André (Guest) 19 September 2020, 08:00

If that's what you would hope for your Dad so be it... History will tell you fool blinded by a bunch of compromised media outlets