Jumblat: Aoun Has No Right to Say We're Going to Hell


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat on Monday voiced criticism in all directions in connection with the ongoing deadlock in the cabinet formation process.

“President Michel Aoun has no right to say that we’re going to hell. I support a settlement and when the storm lashes we must bow,” Jumblat said in an interview with Lebanon’s MTV.

Revealing that he had called ex-PM Saad Hariri from Paris during his visit last week, Jumblat said the talks with the former premier were not positive.

He also disclosed that Speaker Nabih Berri has told him that he is facing pressures to “keep the finance ministerial portfolio with the Shiite sect.”

“Neither America nor Iran wants a government” in Lebanon and “the U.S. sanctions have not weakened Hizbullah but rather Lebanon,” the PSP leader added.

Warning that the French initiative for Lebanon is the “last chance,” Jumblat said Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adib must “communicate with the parties,” while noting that “it seems that someone is telling him not to talk to anyone.”

“I tell Iran and its representatives that they are blocking the last chance to save the country,” the PSP leader, referring to Tehran and Hizbullah.

As for the sectarian bickering related to the row over the finance portfolio, Jumblat addressed the Higher Islamic Shiite Council and Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi by saying that “it is not the appropriate time to call for changing the Taef Accord.”

Earlier in the day, Aoun had warned that the crisis-hit country could be going to "hell" if a new government was not formed, suggesting it would require a "miracle" for that to happen at this point.

The stark warning comes as the country struggles to contain a spiraling economic and financial crisis that threatens to nose-dive further in the coming weeks, as well as concerns of unrest in the fragile country also witnessing a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths.

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Thumb s.o.s 21 September 2020, 21:38

Mon Dieu , mon Dieu.... que d’enfantillages... on est vraiment gouvernés par des ploucs.

Thumb s.o.s 22 September 2020, 00:43

Je ne peux pas te contredire... malheureusement, t’as identifié le problème.

Missing rami 22 September 2020, 15:41

Walid Jumblat, styliste et modeliste pour femmes, vous propose les dernières Qreations de Paris. Personne n'aura le droit de dire Qu'il n'est pas le meilleur en son domaine.

Default-user-icon sam (Guest) 21 September 2020, 22:10

French initiative means foreign big noses in Lebanese Politics.
Each sectarian leader will be visiting Hell.

Default-user-icon sam (Guest) 21 September 2020, 22:12

dear Naharnet, you let Zionist comments in but anti zionists can shut up eh? enough gaging my comments. i'm a rare Lebanese who doesn't support any political party in or outside my motherland.

Missing phillipo 22 September 2020, 00:19

He can't say that Lebanon is going to hell.
With the farce going on concerning the formation of the new government it has already gone there.

Thumb whyaskwhy 22 September 2020, 00:45

Why does the press even entertain talking to him unless they just want to sensatoinailise the issue? I guess he is about as credable as the Kizb's court jester Wahab.

Thumb lebnanfirst 22 September 2020, 01:37

You know what, with all due respect, it's that kind of attitude that our leaders should ease up on a LOT. "when the storm lashes we must bow" haven't we "bow'nd" enough already. You know well that hizb is now on his heels so why are you giving them support? I doubt the Druze community you represent is on board and at least in this instance their instinct is much more acute than yours or have you so aged there's no more 'Azm in you?

Missing womendoc 22 September 2020, 03:09

TUI...talking under the influence...hahaha

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 22 September 2020, 07:34

Best Warlord, ever!

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 22 September 2020, 15:51

who listens to this retard anyways

Missing george.m1 22 September 2020, 19:45

I have a suggestion for you Jumblat, why you and Aoun don’t go to hell and take all the politicians of Lebanon with you?

Default-user-icon sarkis metzagopian (Guest) 23 September 2020, 05:47

this counrty needs to be cleansed from
these warlords and iranian influence
soon or die in the most miserable way.
it looks like the latter is evidently
going to happen. The world needs to start accepting lebanese citizens as refugees
just like they did to syrians because this is no way to live under these miserable conditions.