Adib Promises 'Mission Govt.' that 'Satisfies All Lebanese'


Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adib on Wednesday stressed his keenness on forming a "mission government" that would "satisfy all Lebanese" and be comprised of "competent specialists."

“It will work on implementing the French initiative’s economic, financial and monetary reforms to which all parties had agreed,” he added in a statement.

Adib noted that he had maintained silence throughout the past period out of his sense of the “great responsibility” resting on his shoulders and in order to present a line-up in consultation with the President and within the constitutional framework.

Reiterating his commitment that the government will be comprised of “competent specialists who can win the confidence of the country and the Arab and international communities,” the PM-designate pointed out that that would “open the door before Lebanon to get the necessary foreign assistance to rescue the sinking economy.”

Adib also urged all parties anew to “cooperate for the sake of Lebanon and its sons” and “seize the opportunity of rescuing the country.”

The PM-designate’s remarks come a day after ex-PM Saad Hariri presented an initiative aimed at resolving the deadlock over the finance ministerial portfolio.

Hariri said he has decided to “help PM-designate Adib find an exit through naming an independent finance minister from the Shiite sect who would be chosen by him, similarly to the rest of ministers, on the basis of competency, integrity and non-partisanship.”

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Thumb s.o.s 23 September 2020, 16:04

It appears that mustafa is a proficient waffler...

Thumb farsical.resistance 23 September 2020, 17:06

The Iranian mercenaries and el2isteez elbaltaji represent a community consisting of roughly a third of the Lebanese population. Less than 60% of the eligible voters in said community voted in the last election and the duo got about 80% of those votes and I'm being very generous here. And here they are once again wasting precious time and taking the whole country hostage to satisfy the whims of the Ayatollah. The difference this time is that they can no longer hide behind Aoun and Bassil.

Thumb gebran_sons 23 September 2020, 17:15

Remember, people will only be with you if the entire political class is against you. Start be selecting truly independent experts for a micro government. Get parliament blessing as they have no other choice in these circumstances and world expectation. Then along with reform, start opening the files of all ministries and ministers with no exception and work on removing Hizb arms to liberate the Shia community. Then politicians will rise against you in vain as the whole country and international community will be with you.

Default-user-icon Jac (Guest) 23 September 2020, 22:40

who are you to be talking like an idiot!?
Have some respect and common sense when you are writing publically.

Missing cedars 24 September 2020, 13:30

First step to reform is change the voting law and have immediate parliament elections. The current political class has destroyed the country and take us 200 years behind.

Default-user-icon Ghost (Guest) 24 September 2020, 15:02

The only time I will support Mustapha Adib is when every political party hates his guts as he chooses good politicians that doesn't support hizbshaitan