Geagea: No Hope in Anything with This Ruling Majority


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Friday lamented that “day after day, it becomes more evident that with this ruling parliamentary majority there can be no hope in anything.”

His remarks come as the government formation deadlock continues despite reported progress.

The head of the LF communication and media unit, Charles Jabbour, meanwhile told MTV that “there is a drive that indicates that something is in the making regarding the government.”

“But it can’t be known whether or not it will produce a government,” Jabbour added, noting that Hizbullah and Amal Movement “could have issued an official statement in response to ex-PM Saad Hariri’s initiative.”

“We support the French initiative as a rescue solution and we did not name Mustafa Adib out of our prior knowledge that the other camp will put the same obstacles as in the past,” the LF official went on to say.

“We are fully convinced that Lebanon can’t be rescued amid the presence of the current ruling authorities and what’s happening today confirms LF’s viewpoint,” he added.

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Thumb s.o.s 25 September 2020, 17:03

The extreme level of stress the crooks make us endure is super bad for our immune system. Ya3ne, on est des proies de choix pour le Corona and other diseases.

Missing thecause 25 September 2020, 18:17

Yes, with Hezbollah,aoun and gebran mainly controlling the government nothing will ever change. They give him Christian cover and support whilst Hezbollah let’s them steal , that’s the facts!

Missing bigjohn 25 September 2020, 20:51

Yes, just like M14 parties who need allies (and they steal), Hezbollah needs allies even though they are the largest party in Lebanon.

Missing un520 25 September 2020, 22:47

..and by far the most dangerous.

Thumb thepatriot 26 September 2020, 10:01

It is easy to be a large party when you have weapons. The Baas is the largest party ib Syria as well...LOL

Take away the threat, remove the weapons, and you shall se the true popularity of Ebola...

Thumb Mystic 27 September 2020, 07:47

March 14 wants Lebanon to be controlled by America and Israel.

So you cannot point fingers.

Thumb Mystic 27 September 2020, 07:49

Even Macron the man you love said that Hezbollah popularity inside Lebanon cannot be ignored.

Default-user-icon IssaS (Guest) 25 September 2020, 19:23

I am a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon and I do care about the country very much. It is distressing that we have no government, and "consultation" continues. I am distressed if we will get the same wolves thieves dressed in sheep clothes. It is very frustrating and demoralizing to defy common sense for the sake of outdated ideas. Maybe the thieves are and never been the problem, may be it is US, WE are the problem. The same thieves continue to talk and we continue to rally around them. It is US, We, US, the problem. shame on US.

Missing bigjohn 26 September 2020, 00:19

You begged the Syrians to come to Lebanon to save you! You fought EVERYONE (especially fellow Lebanese) except for Israeli enemy occupation. I would not bring the past unless you want to be compared to Antwan Lahd.

Default-user-icon BigBoy (Guest) 26 September 2020, 02:14

Finally they fixed it lol

Missing 1948 26 September 2020, 10:43

the people of Lebanon voted for these MP's Geagea should stop whining and move to Israel ...........