Hizbullah's al-Manar TV Hits Back at Macron


Hizbullah's al-Manar TV blasted French President Emmanuel Macron in its main news editorial Monday night, telling him that Hizbullah "is and will remain an army facing Israel and will keep supporting Syria and its people against extremists."

It added that Hizbullah and its allies are not to blame for PM-designate Mustafa Adib's failure in forming a Cabinet, saying that Macron's threats of possible sanctions in the future against politicians are "unjustified and unacceptable."

Al-Manar also asked whether Macron wants Hizbullah and its allies, who have majority seats in Parliament, to give power to groups allied with the United States.

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is scheduled to make a televised address on the developments at 8:30 pm Tuesday.

At a rare news conference devoted to Lebanon on Sunday, Macron had warned that Hizbullah should "not think it is more powerful than it is."

"It must show that it respects all the Lebanese. And in recent days days, it has clearly shown the opposite," said Macron.

"Hizbullah cannot be an army in a war against Israel and a militia taking part in Syria's war and still be a respectable party in Lebanon," he said.

"Amal and Hizbullah decided that nothing should change in Lebanon and I understood that Hizbullah did not honor the pledge it made to me," the French leader added.

Macron did not limit his sharp criticism to Hizbullah, saying none of the leaders of Lebanon had been up to the task.

"All of them bet on the worst case scenario for the sake of saving themselves, the interests of their family or their clan," he seethed.

"I therefore have decided to take note of this collective betrayal and the refusal of Lebanese officials to engage in good faith," Macron added.

The French leader also said that ex-PM Saad Hariri "erred by adding a sectarian factor to the roadmap" of forming a new government.

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Thumb gebran_sons 28 September 2020, 22:12

Hizb and its supporters bankrupted Lebanon, changed our way of life, destroyed our economy and democracy, killed our leaders, isolated us, degraded our institutions including schools and media, brought misery and despair, aligned us with the criminal Assad and Iranian regimes that are killing their people... the list is very long. We don't want to live in the same country as you. We are afraid of your Iranian arms nor your threats. We will disarm you by force if we have to. Just go away and join Syria as you've become Lebanon enemy number one.

Thumb Mystic 29 September 2020, 11:50

Propaganda the French version merci.
Trump, Macron whoever, we all know who support their presence and voices in Lebanon, and it is certainly not 100% of the population, but a few French clones in Achrafieh and Annahar and immigrants living abroad.

Thumb thepatriot 28 September 2020, 22:18

Oh Yeah gebran... but "we will disarm you by force..."
Who is "we"?
Because unfortunately... "we" are not even capable to make a proper revolution... and this is revolting enough...

Thumb gebran_sons 28 September 2020, 22:50

Hizb support is based on illusions, brainwashing, child indoctrination, and subsidy welfare... just like in Iran. It is a class warfare as in Iran where in 2010 the basij used those uneducated living on degrading subsidy to kill and oppress Iranian students, intellectuals and professionals. In other word, it was the brainwashed Basij versus the productive section of Iranian society. Basij support can only be maintained by force, oppression, intimidation, imprisonment and use of arms and violence. Hizb support is a mile wide but an inch deep, not much different from Saddam and Kaddafi 99% support before their fall. Shia will quickly turn against Hizb once they realized its vision and promises are the opposite of Imam Saddr’s constructive vision. Shia masses will be the first to hang its leader for taking them and Lebanon to the abyss and using them to benefit Iranian criminal for countless years.

Thumb thepatriot 28 September 2020, 23:01

I so much would like you to be correct in your analysis... and I pray to see the day they inflict HN the same amount of pain that was inflicted to Kaddafi...

Thumb thepatriot 28 September 2020, 23:05

For now... I am extremely dissapointed in the Thawra...
Our people are unworthy.
They want change, but are not able to express it.
Look at the Revolutions in Romania, Bielorussia, Ukraine...
Resilience, courage, old timers, women, children, all generations braving the streets and the army...
Where are the people?
It is always the same couple of thousand people who scream, and express themselves in the street!
Where are they?
The starving ones!
The bankrupted!
The disgusted!
The angry!


Thumb s.o.s 28 September 2020, 23:59


What I often hear the most from my friends and relatives for not taking the streets is that the demonstrators belong to X Y Z group being manipulated by X Y Z country.... not encouraging for the future.... ils sont blasés mais c’est pas de la sorte qu’ils verront du changement.

Thumb lebnanfirst 29 September 2020, 00:34

All true @thepatriot though revolutions take time historically to come to fruition. The fear remains amongst us educated Lebanese of violence because we are brought up to believe in brain power over muscle power unlike hizb philosophy.
There does come a point of no return and often it's preceded by a calm not unlike that which happens before a storm.
Unfortunately, perhaps the best solution is separation for coexistence between such disparate ideologies is, unfortunately, impossible.

Thumb thepatriot 29 September 2020, 10:47

At this point, it is all I wish for.
But Israel will never allow it.
They will never allow a mini shiia state.
Shiias themselves will never accept it.
I think they might provoque a war to gain terrain and grow their sphere of influence.

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 28 September 2020, 23:01

Hizbullah's defiance will lead it nowhere but to the abyss and to further crippling sanctions against its leaders and those of its allies such as Amal and the Free Patriotic Movement. The reign of terror installed by Hizbullah will fail and will only strengthen the resolve of true Lebanese patriots, to defend their freedoms, their culture and their democracy. Iran will never impose its hegemony on Lebanon by any means and Hizbullah's weapons will never scare anyone, quite the opposite. This fanatical militia will pay dearly its intransigence and extremist ideology.

Thumb thepatriot 29 September 2020, 10:48

I pray you are right LLL...

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 29 September 2020, 00:47

الايام الماضيه عرت من يدمر لبنان و يمنع قيامه. أقولها بالعلن حزب الله هو السبب الرئيسي للجهنم اللبناني

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 29 September 2020, 07:14

War is inevitable... We have to eliminate them

Missing samiam 29 September 2020, 09:08

I wouldn't say hit back, more like slap back. Now, lets see how much nassi will get mocked after this speech from a bunker---last time, he laughed after the port explosion and the time before, his infamous 'agriculture revolution'. lol

Thumb SheikYerbouti 29 September 2020, 14:47

AlManar's new slogan "all taquiyya, 27 hours a day"

Thumb sanglierdomestique 29 September 2020, 14:48

@the patriot and others
Regarding your disappointment with the Thawra, we are not a homogeneous enough people that can generate effective leadership to back popular uprising sadly (setting aside the risk of being brutally murdered by Hizb akid).

For those calling for a civil war, they’ll be very happy to oblige us but that’s no way forward. There’s nothing wrong with passive resistance, it can bring about change with enough time and consistent effort. Do we want to go back to killing our neighbors and start a new cycle of misery for generations? No, the solution is to root out them at the core, cut-off the head of the hydra in Iran.

Thumb whyaskwhy 29 September 2020, 15:04

Sanglier you hit the nail on the head, we have never been patriotic enough to deserve a nation. God the hizb or clan always came first the nation is not even in the conversation when it comes to ellections just my clan or hizb etc...
El thwara is a great idea but lacks a cohesive following and zero leadership. On the other Kizb has had close to 40 years of the same leadership, brain washing education of the young and lots of promisses of an Iranian dominion in Lebanon that will lead its following to heaven. Basicaly promisses that do not need to be measured and easy to manage. Pretty difficult to beat that withought a comprehensive educational program to unite the few Lebanese under the cedar flag.