Report: Concerns Rise over ‘Reactivating’ Role of Diab’s Govt


After the resignation of PM-designate Mustafa Adib over a Cabinet impasse, fears mount about "reactivating" the role of caretaker government of PM Hassan Diab, the Saudi Asharq el-Awsat reported on Wednesday.

Sources close to President Michel Aoun, told the daily that Diab’s caretaker cabinet is only carrying out its tasks as stipulated in the constitution. But some parties are concerned it would be “reactivated” to suit the interests of some until after the US presidential elections.

Meanwhile no indicators the President wishes to call for Lebanon's binding parliamentary consultations to name a new Premier.

“By Constitution, Diab’s government is conducting its tasks as required, mainly regarding pressing issues like combating coronavirus and the repercussions of Beirut’s port explosion,” the sources told the daily.

Meanwhile, al-Mustaqbal MP Mohammed Hajjar voiced concerns of any “reactivation” of Diab’s government, amid "procrastination" in calling lawmakers for consultations to name a PM.

“The performance we see of this party can go to any option of solely securing its own interests. This government has proven its failure at all levels,” said Hajjar, noting “by the Constitution, they have no right to expand the jurisdictions of this government.”

From the constitutional point of view, President of Justicia, Paul Morcos, pointed out that “the narrow concept of a caretaker capacity expands the longer the period of forming a government continues.”

“After the Taef Agreement, amendments were introduced to the Constitution, specifically in Article 64. It states that after its resignation, the government does not exercise powers except in a narrow sense of conducting business, therefore the Council of Ministers has no right to convene, except for necessities that cannot bear waiting,” the daily quoted Morcos.

He said the “current and exceptional situation in Lebanon makes it imperative for officials to speed up the formation of a new government, otherwise the caretaker government will expand in conducting its work.”

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