Aoun Says in Charge of Overseeing Border Talks with Israel


President Michel Aoun will be in charge of the border negotiations with Israel in line with Article 52 of the Constitution, the Presidency said on Thursday.

It added that Aoun will oversee “the formation of the negotiating Lebanese delegation” and will “follow up on the negotiation stages.”

The President “welcomes U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement that a framework agreement has been reached for negotiations over border demarcation under the sponsorship and flag of the United Nations and with a facilitating mediation from the United States,” the Presidency said.

The President “calls on the U.S. side to carry on with its impartial mediation,” it added.

Earlier in the day, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said the negotiations will be carried out by the Lebanese Army under the supervision of the President and the government, adding that his role in the file had ended with the announcement with the framework agreement.

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Thumb gma-bs-artist. 01 October 2020, 19:52

The senile deserter is not even in charge of Baabda palace and the presidency.

Thumb s.o.s 01 October 2020, 20:05

After shaking hands with Ariel Sharon in the 80s, shortly after destroying Beirut, Michel خ Aoun will be shaking hands with Natanyahu. LoL LoL LoL priceless . After he invited and offered protection to Carlos Ghosn who went to Jerusalem and shook hands with the Israeli president.

Missing arturo 01 October 2020, 21:20

looks to me like he's negotiating directly with Israel.

Thumb SheikYerbouti 01 October 2020, 21:26

Why not? Aoun has many Israeli friends from the time when he was in exile in France and was calling the Syrian regime and Hezbollah all kind of nasty name and they were accusing him of treason.

Thumb SheikYerbouti 01 October 2020, 21:21

The maritime borders between two countries are generally drawn relative to the land border. Will the Syrian regime supply us with needed documents confirming that the Shebaa farms and Kafr Shuba are Lebanese not Syrian, or will it keep using them as bargaining chips? Maybe Pierre Raffoul, the president's personal emissary to Damascus, should be putting this question to Assad as he seem to be spending most of his time conferring with him.

Thumb s.o.s 01 October 2020, 22:20

Anyone interest in watching the live concert tonight for Lebanon. Tune to France 2 or watch it live on the France 24 YouTube channel.

It began 10 min ago....

Thumb lebanonforever 02 October 2020, 01:30

Please stay awake jidou... its 2020 in case you forgot

Missing phillipo 02 October 2020, 19:31

Can someone please explain.
President Aoun says that according to the Constitution he will be in charge of the negotiations, Speaker Berri says the Army will carry them out.
I think that Lebanon's leaders should decide amongst themselves before the talks start, otherwise we will see the "losing side" refusing to accept any agreements reached by the other "side".

Thumb canadianleb 02 October 2020, 20:43

this all about who is going to get what for selling Lebanese sovereignty to Israel. Do you think the deal will benefit Lebanon in any sense of the word? Just look at the peace treaties signed with Egypt and Jordan...