Qassem Says No Govt. if No Respect for Parliamentary Representation


Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem on Wednesday hinted that his party and its allies will not accept any government format that “does not represent the parliamentary blocs.”

“The economic and social situation has become unbearable and the people are facing the threat of the end of subsidization (of essential goods) while the coronavirus crisis might further aggravate,” Qassem warned.

“Don’t these concerns of the people and the future of their children require the presence of a salvation government that is at the level of this period,” he asked.

He added: “The time is not right for altering or changing the balance of power nor for staging a coup against the results of the parliamentary elections nor for inventing government formats that do not represent the parliamentary blocs.”

Warning that “the past months have proved that the only available solution is designating a PM and forming a government according to the Constitution and the mechanisms that have been in place since the Taef Accord,” Qassem cautioned that “any disregard for this solution means keeping the country in a state of paralysis and deterioration.”

“Those who do not follow the constitutional and legal courses would bear the responsibility,” he said.

“The rescue plan, Beirut’s reconstruction and addressing the crises require a government that would shoulder all these burdens, and the more hands are joined and the broadest representation is achieved in the government… the more there will be bigger hope in reform,” Qassem went on to say.

Hizbullah and its ally Amal Movement had insisted on having a say in the appointment of Shiite ministers during Mustafa Adib’s botched attempt to form a government in recent weeks.

Adib eventually stepped down and President Michel Aoun has scheduled binding parliamentary consultations to pick a new premier for October 15.

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Thumb SheikYerbouti 07 October 2020, 18:58

Got it, so you did lie to Macron or did you consider that takiya as usual.

Thumb justin 07 October 2020, 19:03

When did you ever respect parliamentary blocs or majority?!

Thumb SheikYerbouti 07 October 2020, 19:05

God whiling the next time one of his ammonium nitrate/arm storage depots blows up it will be at rush hour in the middle of a region densely populated by his kind. What's a few thousand more "martyrs" between friends.

Default-user-icon Mike. (Guest) 07 October 2020, 19:10

هاذا نتيجة زواج المتعة بين حسن و عون ـــ ابليس اللعين يتكلم

Missing samiam 07 October 2020, 19:10

They like threatening because they have arms---they don't have any actual LOGIC or REASON for their positions except for theft and greed.

Thumb ansarullah 07 October 2020, 19:13

God bless Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem for adhering to the principles of democracy as mandated by our great leader and Shia Twelver Marja' Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei mirroring the true democracy of our Islamic Republic of Iran.

Shia Shia Shia !!!

Thumb Geralt 08 October 2020, 12:15

Allahu Akbar!

Thumb lebnanfirst 07 October 2020, 19:21

Yeah yeah same old except now you’re feeling the nearing end of your hizb and philosophy. Why else would you cow tow to the Great Satan on border demarcation?
How about them explosions and Netanyahu’s pinpointing weapons factories. Those too will mysteriously explode

Thumb doodle-dude 07 October 2020, 19:38

lol @ 'No Respect for Parliamentary Representation'

Thumb Geralt 08 October 2020, 12:16

I endorse that (and drink to that to as well)!

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 07 October 2020, 20:16

As long as Amal & Hizbullah don't cling to any particular ministry and hence do not hamper the formation of the next government.

Default-user-icon Richard Perro (Guest) 07 October 2020, 20:32

WOMEN ON TOP! Let women fill up all ministers am sure they can do a better job they are born diplomats and hate wars!

Missing 10452km2 07 October 2020, 22:17

If you're so sure your allies will vote with you why not let the pm designate pick his cabinet. If the president signs it you can have your chance to vote against it in parliament. That's the proper constitutional way. If your allies support you it will fail to get the approval. Don't you trust you allies?

Default-user-icon LOLO (Guest) 08 October 2020, 02:59

this trash need to respect the Lebanese sovereignty first

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 08 October 2020, 10:46

What a goat. This POS time is coming.. go back to the sewer where your master is

Missing arturo 08 October 2020, 16:38

Hezbollah is the most powerful military force in Lebanon. Instead of Hezbollah running a shadow government it may as well formally take the government over through a coup and do what it wants. Then it will be responsible for the results.